Gear and equipment

There’s no need to pack everything apart from the kitchen sink, but there is some great gear and equipment to consider adding to your packing list for your next bike tour! Here are a few suggestions (don’t forget to check our suggested packing list too!).

Every operator and tour will provide different types of equipment, such as bikes, locks, helmets, etc. Be sure to check what’s included by reading through the tour page information and your pre-tour documents.

Here are a few additional suggestions:

Map holder

Since many rental bikes come with saddlebags but not handlebar bags, many people find a map holder helpful. These plastic sleeves attach to your handlebars and make it easy to reference the routes provided on the maps by the tour operator.

Day pack

Even with the saddlebags, you may wish to bring a day pack that you can drop into the bag and lift out when you go exploring by foot or stop at a restaurant. That way, you don’t have to leave valuables behind or take off the saddlebags each time. Another option is a waist pack.


Voltage and plug types differ around the world. Research your destination to see what kind of adaptors and/or converters you'll need if you’re taking any electronics (note that European countries use a 220-volt current but different plugs). Local electronics stores should have adapters and converters.

One of the top questions we get is whether the hotels have hairdryers - well, some do and some don’t! Since many American models have the wrong voltage (and are heavy), we recommend a travel dryer that has a switch for 110 and 220 voltage.