Difficulty level

difficulty-level_bikers Difficulty level

Most bicycle tours cover about 20–40 miles per day and are designed for travelers who enjoy a leisurely pace, but more challenging bike tours are available. There are two scales for difficulty level, one for tours using road and touring bicycles, and one for tours using mountain bikes.

When you read the bike tour descriptions, pay close attention to the type of tour, the surface and terrain of the tour, and the average daily distances.

Tours using road, hybrid or touring bikes

  1. Mostly flat
  2. Flat with some gentle slopes
  3. Rolling, hilly terrain
  4. Some long and/or steep climbs
  5. Extensive climbing

Tours using mountain bikes

  1. Mostly flat, wide trails
  2. Some gentle slopes, wide trails
  3. Rolling, hilly terrain and/or narrow trails
  4. Some long and/or steep climbs and/or technical trails
  5. Extensive climbing and/or highly technical trails

To help match your ability level with the right bike tour for you, Level of Difficulty is a searchable feature in our Tour Search.

See “Surface and Terrain” sections on each tour page for more detailed descriptions on riding surface and amount of climbing.

Couples and groups traveling together often have differing ability levels. E-bikes are a great equalizer to help everyone in the party cycle comfortably and at the same pace.