Explorer: Picks for your style

You love to explore off the beaten path.

You're open to unusual locations and unique cultures, such as an awe-inspiring ride through the natural beauty of Iceland or to be one of the first bicycle tourists to explore the untouched beauty of Albania.

You love to try new things, see new places, and meet different people around the world, and these emerging destinations will leave you longing for more.

Our top recommendations:

  1. Albania's UNESCO Sites with Rivers, Valleys, and Gorges - This guided tour through unspoiled Albania is a real pedal back into time as you explore a country that only opened its borders in '90s. Take in the richness of the culture, the landscape, and the incredibly friendly people on this unique tour. 

  2. Discover Macedonia - Macedonia packs scenic beauty into a country the size of Massachusetts with 50 lakes, 16 mile-high mountains, and thousands of miles of backcountry roads. This cycling and hiking tour lets you experience a land of hospitality, mixed cultures, splendid wines, and delicious cuisine. (See photo above.)

  3. Iceland's Fertile South - The new hot spot in travel circles, Iceland lives up to its hype. Volcanic mountains, glacier-fed waterfalls, and landscapes that will just make you say "oooh!" over and over again. 

  4. Baltic Capitals: The Historic Cities of Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn - Explore off the beaten path Europe on this trip through the Baltics. The route features national parks, beautiful Old Towns, and UNESCO world heritage sites.

  5. Greece: The Peloponnese Peninsula - This self-guided tour gives you first-hand glimpse at Greece's ancient architecture, important archaeological sites, and stunning coastal vistas. The starting point is Tripoli, a small town still unaffected by mass tourism, located in the heart of the Peloponnese peninsula. 

  6. Best of Northern Zealand - Explore beautiful and popular Copenhagen but also get off the beaten track and see Northern Zealand, known for its castles, sandy beaches, and charming marinas. 

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