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But when you get to the destination, you’re enthralled by art, architecture, and history, whether in museums or in the streets, squares, and plazas of daily life.

Our top picks:

  1. Greece: The Peloponnese Peninsula – A self-guided tour for admirers of Greek archaeology and seaside beauty. The tour features important archaeological sites such as Epidaurus with the famous theater, Mycenae that conquered during the Bronze Age, ancient Mantinea, ancient Tegea, Argos, ancient Lerna with the homonymous lake where Hercules killed the mythic beast, and the walls of ancient Tiryns.

  2. Prague to Vienna via Cesky Krumlov – A tour that offers both guided and self-guided options, featuring the pearls of the Czech Republic: Prague, one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe; Cesky Krumlov; the Trebon ponds and woods of Czech Canada; the Renaissance towns of Trebon and Telc; the vineyards of South Moravia; the cultural centers of Znojmo and Mikulov; and a last night in Vienna, Austria.

  3. Albania’s UNESCO Sites with Rivers, Valleys, and Gorges – Some say that visiting Albania is as close as you’ll get to traveling back in time, and this 9-night tour showcases the country’s unique and undiscovered cultural heritage.

  4. Baltic Capitals: The Historic Cities of Vilnius, Riga, and Tallinn – This tour explores the Baltic coast and the National Parks of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia on very scenic routes. See three capital cities – Vilnius, Riga, and Tallinn – with their old towns designated as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.