Graffiti & Street Art of Buenos Aires Bike Tour

    Rider Level: Leisure

    Rider Level: Leisure

    5 hours | 9.32 miles
    From $55.25 USD
    Buenos Aires

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    • A creative cruise through the capital

      Cycle Buenos Aires's lesser-known southern districts on this bike tour of the city's graffiti and urban art. As well as treating you to impressive visual displays, this bicycle tour delves into the profound connection between street art, architecture, and the voices of the marginalized. Begin with a stop in San Telmo and continue to Barracas and Caminito.

      You'll first stop in San Telmo, an historic neighborhood known for its bohemian atmosphere. Few walls in this district are left blank. Instead, local residents and artists treat them as dynamic canvases, to convey powerful messages through their work. Your day tour will make its way to Pasaje Lanin, an enchanting traditional alley adorned with intricate murals that depict the neighborhood's stories and traditions.

      Continue cycling into Barracas, an emerging artistic hub that has undergone a revitalization in recent years. This neighborhood celebrates its creativity and resilience through large-scale murals. Your bike tour stops at one of the most famous of these, "El Regreso de Quinquela", a monumental mural paying homage to the renowned Argentine painter Benito Quinquela Martín, who immortalized the port of La Boca in his works.

      Arriving into Caminito, you'll be plunged into another world as you cycle along this legendary street. Once a traditional alleyway, Caminito is now an open-air museum thanks to its status as muse for the famous 'Caminito' tango. Your guide will direct your attention towards an iconic mural by Martin Ron, a celebrated Argentine artist known for his impressive creations that merge fantasy and reality.

      You’ll also enjoy a bondiola pork sandwich or vegetarian quiche for lunch, included in the price of this city tour. This bike tour offers a unique perspective on Buenos Aires' urban landscape, connecting the dots between street art, architecture, and the social history that shape the city's vibrant identity.

      • Old Building, San Telmo Market, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Gustavo Sanchez@Unsplash
      • Art on the colorful walls, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Gustavo Sanchez@Unsplash
      • Elegant wall art in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Benjamin Rascoe@Unsplash

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      Days Start Finish
      Monday & Friday 12:00 pm ~5:00 pm

      Please arrive for the tour 10 minutes before departure time.


      Rate USD
      Adult · For solo participants or groups of up to 6 $65
      Group of 7-11 · Price per person $58.50
      Group of 12 · Price per person $55.25



      San Telmo, Barracas, Caminito, El Regreso de Quinquela mural, Martin Ron mural

      What’s included

      • Bike and helmet rental
      • English-speaking guide
      • Lunch, Snacks, and bottled filtered water
      • Spray your own stencil session

      Meeting place & directions

      Biking Buenos Aires - Balcarce 1016, San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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