After booking confirmation


We accept four methods of payment for balance payments: check, credit card, e-check, and wire transfer. Your confirmation email contained a personal payment link for you to choose your preferred method and make payment. More information

Travel insurance

We strongly recommend travel insurance for your trip including your flights, bike tour and other costs. We purchase our personal travel insurance through TravelGuard. More information

Tour documents: pre-tour

About three to four weeks before your tour (earlier, if possible), we’ll send you email attachments with your hotel list and general information. More information

Tour documents: tour start

At your start hotel, you normally receive an comprehensive information package with tips for sightseeing and dining and, on most self-guided bike tours, maps and cue sheets in English. More information

Travel and lodging

Hotels and transportation

Tips on how to get around Europe and for extending your trip including hotels, trains, buses and discount air. More information

Passports and visas

Visa requirements and fees vary widely for each country, and you should check with your nearest consulate or embassy for official visa requirements in your destination. More information

Getting ready

Training tips

Many of the tours we offer require little more than average conditioning and a good attitude. Some, of course, are more challenging. Either way, the more you ride before your bicycle tour, the more you’ll enjoy it! More information


Weatherspark offers forecasts as well as information on average and record temperatures for destinations around the globe. Type in destination in the search box and select “Averages.”

What to bring


Different destinations have different ways to access money and pay for purchases. Be sure to research your destination; we offer a few general guidelines. More information

Packing tips: what to bring

Check out our clothing recommendations (we’re fans of synthetics) and packing tips (we love cubes) including a suggested packing list. More information

Phones and communication

It’s helpful to have a cell phone with you, especially if you’re on a self-guided tour and need to reach the tour operator or so your family can reach you or to send amazing photos! More information

Quick reference
Information travelers need once their booked tour is confirmed, including information on payments, travel insurance, travel documents, and more.

Information on confirmations, deposits, and payments for your bicycle tour booked through

Travel insurance
Suggested travel insurance coverage for your overseas bicycle tour vacation.

Tour documents
Learn about what tour documents you'll receive before your tour and what documents will be waiting on you at your arrival hotel.