Romantic Road

Romantic Road, Germany

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The Romantic Road is one of Germany’s oldest designated scenic routes. The medieval trade road goes from Würzburg in central Germany to Füssen in the Bavarian Alps.

Nature, hospitality and culture are the hallmarks in this region, as the road connects walled towns and picturesque villages. Landmarks such as stately homes, fairytale castles, gothic cathedrals, and medieval architecture abound.

This region offers the quintessential German scenery and culture you expect.

Why cyclists love it

Cycling along the Romantic Road is made easy by the well-marked bicycle paths. The paths are generally away from busy streets, mostly on small country roads or bicycle-only paths.

Routes on the Romantic Road are relatively flat, with some undulating hills and gentle climbs. In the south, as you approach the Alps, the routes are somewhat hillier, but are suitable for most cyclists.

The charming landscapes through the countryside allow cyclists to take in scenic rivers, majestic mountains, vineyards, and quaint villages. Quaint inns with superb hospitality cater to cyclists and provide delicious food, wine, and beer of the region.

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Romantic Road from Würzburg to Donauwörth
This tour starts in the world-famous residence town Würzburg. Continue along the Main River to the Tauber River Valley and follow the Romantic Road to Rothenburg and on to Donauwörth.
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Romantic Road and Bavarian Lakes
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