Alsace, France

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Alsace is a region in eastern France. Fertile plains give way to the towering Vosges Mountains, and artistic and historical cities like Strasbourg, as well as quaint villages dot the countryside.

The Alsace region brings to mind half-timbered houses lined with flower boxes, medieval castles and historic churches. Thick, green forests, picturesque lakes, and vineyards are just some of the spectacular scenery to admire.

Why cyclists love it

Alsace has thousands of miles of cycle trails and routes, creating a dense network of dedicated routes that crisscross the region. The variety of terrain, from mountains to plains, creates opportunity for cyclists of all levels to explore Alsace. Advanced cyclists can find adventure in the Vosges Mountains, while families and beginning cycle tourists, will enjoy a ride in the countryside.

Cycle routes are clearly marked and on generally dedicated paths. Some cycling is required on roads with minimal traffic. The best time to cycle in Alsace is from May until October. But, if the weather gets bad, or you are simply too tired to travel to your next destination, hop on public transportation. You can board trains and buses with your bicycle at no extra charge!

And, don’t forget about the decadent cuisine you’ll dine on while cycling in Alsace. Strongly influenced by German culinary traditions, regional favorites like pork, sauerkraut, and cakes are served in generous portions.

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Freiburg and the Alsatian Wine Road Bicycle Tour 
You’ll cycle in the beautiful German area Kaiserstuhl and follow the Rhine valley, visit the famous town Strasbourg and numerous of vineyards and villages, till you return in Freiburg. 
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