Dolomites, Italy

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At a glance

The Dolomites are one of the most impressive mountain ranges in the world, made up of 2,700 square miles of rocky crags in northeastern Italy.

The Dolomite region is home to a mix of cultures and languages, including Italian and German, which can be seen in the buildings, as well as in the cuisine. Medieval towns, historic castles, and churches dot the mountainsides.

Why cyclists love it

The Dolomites are considered home to some of the grandest cycling in all of Italy. Cycling in this region has a rich history, and there are many dedicated, well-marked bicycle routes in the region.

The Dolomite Cycle Path is just one of these – it follows a former railway track and is paved and lighted. While these mountains may bring to mind steep climbs and rigorous cycling, there are tours for everyone from beginners to advanced cyclists. There are several bike paths winding through the mountains and alpine meadows including some that are primarily downhill as they reach toward the Venice and the Adriatic Sea.

The best months for biking are June and September, but cyclists will also enjoy the summer months on the quieter routes.

Residents of the Dolomites (including motorists) are known for their hospitality toward cyclists – hotels are especially accommodating. If you are hit with unexpected rain, many hotels along a route will welcome you to come indoors until the rain passes! And, don’t miss out on the local cuisine! The German and Italian influence combine to make some of the best pastas and pastries in Europe.

Top tours

Dolomites to Lake Garda: Picturesque Cities and Stunning Scenery
This tour starts on the foot of the ragged peaks of the Dolomites on the highest point of valley Pustertal. You’ll cycle downhill, along the rivers Rienz, Eisack and Adige on beautiful cycle paths to Rovereto. Here you change to the north bank of Lake Garda. Monasteries, domes and fortresses seam the way. Visit the oldest Tyrolean, Ötzi – the ice mummy – in the museum of Bolzano.
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Dolomites to Venice Along the Old Dolomites Railway Track
From the northeast of the Dolomites, you cycle over well-known famous mountain passes. Lake Misurina, the “Three Peaks,” and the Olympic town of Cortina d’Ampezzo are only some of the highlights you will see along the way to Venice. 
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Dolomites to Trieste via Lake Bled at the Foot of the Julian Alps
This tour features stunning scenery, from the towering Dolomites to beautiful and serene Lake Bled, to the undiscovered countryside of Slovenia. Starting in the northeast Dolomites, the first part of the tour follows the River Drau through the same-named valley, and then on through the Gail Valley on comfortable bike paths in Austria. After a short detour to the Italian border town of Tarvis, you continue on to Slovenia.
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Dolomite Mountain Superbike
Calling all mountain bikers! Follow the famous MTB race track in this stunning UNESCO region! Now is your chance to ride along the tracks of the Dolomite Superbike Race, a legend among mountain bike races in the Alps and a must for any mountain biker looking for the ultimate challenge. Ride the self-guided route with all details covered.
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Photos by tour advisor Richie Daigle, who went on tour in the Dolomites in 2015

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