Lake Constance

Lake Constance

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This region is home to Europe’s third largest lake, Lake Constance, and one of Europe’s most popular cycling routes. The lake borders three countries – Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. You’ll be surrounded by the breathtaking views of a turquoise lake against the backdrop of the snow-capped Alps. While the lake itself is the main attraction in this region, there are many medieval lakefront towns with Baroque churches, Gothic cathedrals, vineyards, and fairytale castles.

Why cyclists love it

On the Lake Constance cycle route, riders enjoy well-marked, paved dedicated bicycle paths, with minimal riding on low-traffic roads or dirt lanes. Terrain along the lake is generally flat, with a few small slopes. Biking conditions, including the terrain and weather, in this region are ideal for first-timers and for families with children. If bad weather does strike or you’re too tired to finish a day’s cycling, you can take advantage of public transportation along the route – boats and trains allow you and your bicycle to board and travel easily and comfortably to your next destination.

The best times to visit this region are from late April to September, with the best chance for good weather (little rain or wind) during July and August. (And did we mention that a turquoise swimming lake is nearly always nearby?!)

The Rhine River enters Lake Constance from Switzerland and exits through the city of Konstanz into Germany, making the region even more popular as a starting or ending point for tours that use the lake as a focal point for longer tours of the Swiss Alps and Rhine.

Another positive: Fly into Zurich, often one of Europe’s least expensive flight tickets, and you’re 70 minutes by train from the airport station to the center of Konstanz.

Tour Spotlight

Munich – Lake Constance
Cycle well-known bike paths through the wonderful landscape and nearly untouched nature of southern Bavaria, accompanied from breathtaking views of the Alps. 
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Lake Constance Bicycle Path
On this tour, you will cycle around the entire lake visit three countries: Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The main highlights are the medieval towns of Konstanz, Stein am Rhein, Meersburg, and Lindau. In comparison with many other cycle tours, the daily rides are relatively short, leaving time for visiting the many attractions.
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Lake Constance Classic (11-nights)
This longer tour on Europe’s most popular cycle path gives you enough time to take in all the important visitor attractions in the area, as well as the breathtaking scenery. The stages are designed so there is time to experience everything, including a day off for hiking.
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