Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton, Hungary

Lake_Balaton Lake BalatonAt a glance

Lake Balaton, often referred to as “the Hungarian Sea,” is the largest lake in Central Europe. It is considered a top holiday spot for generations of Europeans because of its charming towns, spas, and beaches.

The northern shore of the lake is mountainous and famous for its productive vineyards. The south shore is flat and famous for its resorts.

Why cyclists love it

The Hungarian government has invested in the bicycle paths along Lake Balaton, so cycling in this region is very accessible. The dedicated cycle lanes around the lake are well marked.

Cycle routes are characterized by gentle rises or flat terrain on the safe and quiet paths. Some cycling will occur on roads with little traffic. The lake is an obvious attraction for cyclists. Summer is a great time to visit – temperatures are warm, making a swim in the clear, blue lake very pleasant. And don’t forget about the Hungarian wine and decadent cuisine that you can sample after a day’s cycling!

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The Balaton Uplands National Park is one of the youngest national park in Hungary, but the Romans started to plant grapes on its thousands of years ago. On this tour, you’ll explore the culture and nature that make up the unique mixture of this land. You’ll also enjoy strong wines, sandy beaches, and delicious Hungarian meals.
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