Loire Valley

Loire Valley, France

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The Loire Valley lies in the heart of Central France. Also known as the “Garden of France,” this region is an enchanted landscape with an abundance of vineyards, fruit orchards, and farmland, which line banks of the Loire River.

Notable historic towns like Nantes, Angers, and Orleans with world famous architecture and hundreds of chateaux dot the landscape.

This romantic region was a draw for poets, artists, and writers seeking inspiration.

Why cyclists love it

One of the many cycle paths in this region is the Loire à Vélo. It is one of the best cycle paths in Europe – a network of 250 km of carefully planned cycle trails that cross the Loire Valley. That trail, and the many other well-developed and well-marked paths were organized through an effort of various government and local entities in the Loire Valley.

Bicycle tours in the Loire Valley follow dedicated bike-only paths or country roads with minimal traffic. Signposts mark the way on most routes, making it very hard for bicycle tourists to lose their way.

The landscape of the Loire Valley consists of flat plains and gentle, rolling hills. Cycling here is easy to moderate, and every mile offers spectacular views of the landscape and historical structures. The mild weather makes a cycle tour from June through September ideal.

Along the cycle routes, there is an extensive network of hotels that offer lodging to suit a cyclist’s needs, including parking for your bike and on-site repairs if needed.

And, at the end of the day there is delicious cuisine – fresh-picked fruits and vegetables, or fish caught from the Loire River, to be enjoyed with locally produced wines.

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