Apulia, Italy

Alberobello Apulia

At a glance

Apulia (or “Puglia” in Italian) is in southeastern Italy that forms the heel part of Italy’s boot. The Adriatic and Ionian Seas border Apulia. The region has rich cultural history dating back to ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine eras. The white conical dwellings in Alberobello and Matera are on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Terrain consists of broad plains and low-lying hills, and Apulia is the least mountainous region in all of Italy.

Tall cliffs plunge into the blue ocean, and sandy beaches offer great swimming stops. The green forest of Umbra is inland, with tall trees and an Alpine-like scenery, and there are vineyards along the way.

Why cyclists love it

Cyclists enjoy the easy riding in Apulia – flat terrain along coastal roads makes for easy riding. Many tourists do not explore the region, so it is not crowded and the roads have little traffic. The landscape is unspoiled by development and there are great beaches, castles, and vineyards to visit along your cycle tour. Don’t forget about the Mediterranean cuisine you’ll dine on each day – copious amounts of vegetables, pastas, and seafood, grown or made locally!

The best time for cycling is April and May, when temperatures are perfect and the entire region is in full bloom, or September through early October, during the grape harvest—but summer months along the coast are wonderful, too!

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Apulia: Cycling the Heel of Italy’s Boot
Apulia is characterized by endless olive groves, long fields of grain and vineyards. You’ll visit national monuments, World Heritage sites, cycle through the countryside, and through a baroque town as you explore Apulia on this tour.
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