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6 reasons we book through BikeTours.com

Written by Ann Abeles, a client who went on the Berlin – Copehagen bike tour last summer. Read her review of that tour here.

OK – you’re retired. The lab, school, office, etc. don’t need you anymore. Your kids are independent (you hope) and you have some time on your hands. What to do? We discovered a great solution on the Internet called “Biketours.com.” If you can ride a bicycle and follow directions, this company has more places to keep you busy than you can imagine.

Berlin-to-Copenhagen-bike-tour-1024x768 6 reasons we book through BikeTours.com

Ann cycles along the path from Berlin to Copenhagen in June 2015.

But what sets them apart, and why should you try it out?


1. Lots of choices

You choose when/where you want to go and what level of difficulty you can handle.

2. Local operators

This company will help you make the connections for wonderful bicycle tours around the world. The tour you choose will be operated by a local company with the best knowledge of the routes and things to see along the way. In many cases, you also have the option of guided or self-guided tours, depending upon the country – and your level of comfort.

Macedonian-guide-greets-a-shepherd-copy-1024x768 6 reasons we book through BikeTours.com

3. Easy logistics.

The tour companies that they work with will supply the bicycles and maps, book your hotels, and move your luggage – and nowadays, English is spoken by the tourist industry. Your job is to follow the map or cue sheet, enjoy the sights along the way, and arrive at your hotel by evening – what could be more simple?
Lefkas-map-tablecloth-with-a-beer-768x1024 6 reasons we book through BikeTours.com

4.Comprehensive list of tours.

Biketours.com’s online catalog has the tour information from many different companies worldwide all in one place so it is easy to search through different tour options without having to go to many different websites.

5.All the information in one place.

Biketours.com has organized the information for each tour from the many different companies into the same format so you can quickly compare everything from the daily itinerary to what is included with each tour.

6.Reasonable prices.

This company has selected tour operators that offer great tours that won’t break your bank account.

So what are you waiting for??


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