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#WhyIBikeTour: The most colorful experience of my life

whyibiketourlogo #WhyIBikeTour: The most colorful experience of my lifeIn our #WhyIBikeTour campaign, we’re profiling the many different types of travelers who choose to explore the world on two wheels. From young single travelers to adventure seekers to retirees, our travelers are as diverse as our tours. Why do you bike tour? Share your story. E-mail stories@biketours.com or tag us at @biketoursdotcom or #whyibiketour on Facebook or Instagram.

new-header #WhyIBikeTour: The most colorful experience of my life

Name: Caroline Coombs
Age: 31
Resides in: Vancouver, Canada
Profession: Naturopathic physician

Why do you love to tour a new destination by bicycle?

IMG_6668-300x225 #WhyIBikeTour: The most colorful experience of my lifeTouring on a bicycle allows you to engage in the culture in ways that you won’t experience while traveling any other way. Cycling the back roads lets you slow down, meet real people, and authentically and personally experience the daily life of the locals. I think people are extra welcoming when you show up on a bike; they feel you have worked hard to come see them.

What’s your favorite memory from bicycle touring?

IMG_6256-300x225 #WhyIBikeTour: The most colorful experience of my lifeLearning to share the road with camels, tuk-tuks, cows, pigs, trucks, cars, and motorcycles in Rajasthan, India. It sounds terrifying, and at times it was, but it was the most colorful experience of my life. I loved watching the laughing children run after us along the side of the road as we passed through small villages.

Any advice for others thinking about going on their first bike tour?

Choose a place that enchants you, find a great local tour company through BikeTours.com that will take care of the details, and go for it! You will never, ever regret it.

Why do you bike tour? Share your stories by e-mailing at stories@biketours.com or by tagging @biketoursdotcom on Facebook or Instagram when you post pictures or stories.


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