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Hotel home base: Bike tours in single hotel a great slow travel option

Most bicycle tours are point-to-point, which means you reach a new destination – and new hotel – every night. But there’s something to be said for staying overnight in one town and doing day rides – you don’t have to pack each morning, you can settle in, and you can really get to know a location. These “home-base” (sometimes called “hub-and-spoke”) tours are a good option for couples or groups with varying cycling ability levels or interest – each of you can go on rides or other excursions based on your preferences.

le_moulin_4 Hotel home base: Bike tours in single hotel a great slow travel option

Touring from le Moulin du Chemin in Western France

If you’re trying to choose the best bike tour for you this year, consider our great collection of tours based out of one hotel. (You can read more about these tours and how they compare to point-to-point tours on our site!)

Here are some reasons why a tour based in one hotel might be a good option for you:

  • You prefer not to pack/unpack your suitcase every day. 
    Since you’ll be staying in the same location each night, you won’t spend extra time every morning tracking down your toothbrush and that last pair of socks. Instead, you’ll be able to spend those vacation minutes relaxing, recovering, and exploring the local area.
  • You’re concerned about covering the full route distance.
    Many of our clients share their hesitation about biking set distances several days in a row on the typical point-to-point tour. But tours based in one hotel give you the option of rest days so you have a dedicated day out of the saddle to stretch your legs and recover mid-tour. Some tours even offer multiple daily route options, letting you choose the route that best fits your interest and fitness level.
  • You have non-riders in your group.
    Many of our clients ask about options for their non-cycling travel companions. A tour based out of one hotel is ideal for folks who want activities for both cyclists and non-cyclists. While the cyclist is out riding, the non-rider is able to explore the local area, take day excursions, or just relax. Meeting back up over cocktails or dinner lets you reconnect and swap stories every day!

  • You’re traveling with children.
    We have a lot of families booking bike tours these days, and tours based out of one hotel are a great option. Many of the hotels used for these tours have a pool and other great features to help keep children entertained. And, as noted above, it’s a lot easier to take a rest day on these tours when your children are tired or need other diversions.  
  • You want a more in-depth visit to a given region.
    The point-to-point tour is a great way to span a lot of distance, but some of our clients want to really immerse themselves in one area, wandering and getting a deeper impression of a new place and culture. Tours based out of one hotel are an ideal choice if this is the main factor in your vacation.

Most of our tours based in one hotel are built around small, locally-owned hotels and guesthouses. The tour operators are often the hotel proprietors themselves. For the duration of your tour, you are not simply a guest checking in for one night; you become part of the community around the hotel. All of these tours include detailed routes and maps, and many of the itineraries or daily rides may be shortened or lengthened to suit your riding preferences.

Another option to look at? Bike and boat tours. You stay in one “hotel,” and your hotel moves with you every day!

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Suggested tours

Here are a couple of our favorite hotel-based tours for you to consider:

  • San-Marino Hotel home base: Bike tours in single hotel a great slow travel option

    Riding toward San Marino, Italy from Hotel Milano Helvetia

    The staff at Hotel Milano Helvetia in Riccione, Italy, share their passion for cycling with their guests, many of whom return year after year. With this tour, you even have the option of guided rides! From Riccione, you may explore San Marino, San Leo, Urbino, Mondaino and other areas. The hotel has itineraries for medium distance rides as well as longer, more difficult rides if that’s your speed. 

  • In Ascona and Lake Maggiore, Switzerland, enjoy the stunning views of the Monte Brolla Waterfall, the enchanting medieval city of Bellinzona, and the beautiful botanical gardens of Brissago, all before retiring to your home-away-from-home for the week, the Albergo Losone. Head out on the planned bike itinerary, or take a day off to relax poolside under the hotel’s palm trees. The old manor house even has a golf course on the property. 

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