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Eight favorite tours for families with both toddlers and teens

It’s not easy to find activities that both toddlers and teens can enjoy, but some bicycle tours provide enough variety to meet the needs of kids of all ages–and their parents.

More and more parents are taking toddlers on overseas bicycle tours. Ever-better equipment makes towing or carrying kids easier than ever, and European cycling tends to be very family friendly.

For families with older kids, tours along dedicated bicycle paths (especially) give teens the chance for some independence from their younger siblings. As the bike paths are traffic free and have few turns, there’s often an opportunity to ride ahead (though perhaps with one parent) and meet up at the next turn.

We’ve picked tours we feel are especially appropriate–with shorter daily distances, mostly flat terrain, and either dedicated bicycle paths and greenways (car-free) or quiet backroads (low-traffic).

Our bike tour gave us the opportunity to have an active family trip in which we all felt a sense of accomplishment.”–Bernard D.

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1. Lake Constance Bicycle Path

Perfect for a mix of ages, the Lake Constance trip comes with shorter daily rides and lots of opportunities to explore. Have fun with the whole family while adventuring through the Sea Life Center and the Archaeological Museum, the medieval town of Stein am Rhein, and the castle in Meersburg. This route is mostly flat, and much of it runs next to the Lake.

radweg-reisen_lake-constance-bicycle-path-3-1024x683 Eight favorite tours for families with both toddlers and teens

2. Danube Family Tour 7 Nights

You can’t go wrong with this tour designed with families in mind. Accommodations include pools to partake in after your day of riding, and a family farm where you’ll get the chance to feed the animals! The paved and mostly traffic-free route will take you up close and personal with fan-favorites like the famous Prater Ferriss Wheel and even includes a rest day, should you want it!

radreisefreunde_danube-family-tour-7-nights-2-1024x683 Eight favorite tours for families with both toddlers and teens

3. Mosel Bike Path: Dreamy Mosel Valley from Trier to Koblenz

Cycle on paved roads and trails with plenty of signage and a low-traffic environment that’s perfect for all ages. This trip is great for history fans, full of Roman relic cities and must-see spots. Tour the medieval castle “Burg Eltz” and climb aboard the included boat ride to float down the River Rhine. If the daily mileage gets to be too much, think about alternate forms of transportation to rest up a bit.

mercurio-bike-travel_mosel-valley-trier-koblenz Eight favorite tours for families with both toddlers and teens

4. Ionian Islands Multi-sport Family Cruise

This tour will suit all ages, and all activity preferences! Bike, hike, swim, canoe, and float your way through the beautiful Greek islands. The kids will love the waterfalls and all the chances for a little play-time on the beach. No need for expert-level riding skills on this tour, and the operator can even provide you with children’s seats and trailer bikes, if needed.

island-hopping_ionian-islands-multisport-family-cruise-1-2160x1200-c-center-1024x569 Eight favorite tours for families with both toddlers and teens

5. Best of Holland Family Tour

With centrally-located accommodations (close to the food for those hungry kids!) and opportunities for rest days, this tour was made for families. On the days you choose to ride, you’ll be met with mostly flat, paved routes, and plenty of exciting attractions, including the famous train museum in Hoorn, the nature reserves of Wieden and Weerribben, and whole lotta Holland windmills. An added bonus for all? The chocolate and cookie factory in Zaandam.

tulip-cycling_best-of-holland-family-tour-1-1024x768 Eight favorite tours for families with both toddlers and teens

6. Best of Northern Zealand

This tour route is broken up into short stages with ample opportunities to adventure through Copenhagen, “the Bike Capital of the World.” Visit the Little Mermaid statue, stroll through the top-rated Danish Maritime Museum, and make your way through one of the region’s many historic castles. The trip is leisure-friendly, with easy rides and mostly flat terrain.

ruby-rejser_best-of-northern-zealand-2-1024x768 Eight favorite tours for families with both toddlers and teens

7. Connemara Lazy Days Cycling

Your kids will love the Irish beauty of Connemara on this trip full of natural wonders and scenic views. With so much to see, you’ll be glad the tour includes shorter riding distances on low-traffic back-roads. Indulge in traditional Irish fare and spend some time exploring the Connemara National Park and Killary Fjord.

connemara-adventure-tours_connemara-lazy-days-cycling-2-1024x768 Eight favorite tours for families with both toddlers and teens

8. Burgundy Wine Trails: Beaune to Macon on the “Voie Verte”

So a tour with “wine” in the title might not exactly scream “perfect for kids,” but hear us out. While there are lots of opportunities for the adults in the bunch to try out the region’s best wines, there are also breathtaking views aplenty for all ages. Enjoy the mostly-flat, car-free ride with stops at the mustard factory and the Cormatin Castle.

active-tours_burgundy-wine-trails-1-1024x683 Eight favorite tours for families with both toddlers and teens

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