Dutch Windmill Bike Tour Utrecht

    • 3 hours | 15.53 miles
    • From €39 EUR
    • Utrecht
    Rider Level: Leisure

    Rider Level: Leisure

    3 hours | 15.53 miles
    From €39 EUR

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    • Windmills and water defenses

      Ride into the rolling fields of the lowlands landscape on this Dutch Windmill Bike Tour from Utrecht. You will discover three different types of traditional windmill along the way, each with its own riveting history, as well as stopping at a fascinating fortress on the Dutch Waterline, before enjoying a well-earned drink from a local cafe, included in the price of the bike tour.

      Cycling away from Utrecht, you’ll notice how your surroundings become increasingly verdant and you start to meet more cows than people! The flat and gentle terrain of the Dutch countryside suits a leisurely cycle perfectly, and you'll get plenty of opportunities to stop for unparalleled holiday pictures.

      On this day tour, your guide will lead you to a traditional windpump, used throughout Holland’s history for draining water from the polders. Your guide will explain the mechanisms and significance of this prime example of Dutch hydraulic engineering. You'll also come across grain mills, which were used to grind wheat and other grains into flour, crucial for the production of bread and other baked goods. Finally, you'll discover lumberjack mills, which were used for sawing wood and played an essential role in the Netherlands' shipbuilding industry.

      Throughout your sightseeing, your guide will elaborate on the history and importance of windmills in Holland’s history. Windmills have been an integral part of Dutch culture for centuries, and this guided tour will introduce you to the historic and cultural significance of these quintessential monuments of the Dutch landscape.

      During your bicycle tour, you'll also stop at a fortress related to the Dutch defense line, known as the Dutch Waterline. This defense line was conceived in the 17th century and took advantage of the country's low lying terrain, purposefully flooding areas to protect it from invading armies. Your guide will explain how the Dutch Waterline was extended to Utrecht in the 19th century and how the fortress you'll see is an impressive example of Dutch military engineering.

      Ride on before taking a break at a local cafe to enjoy a refreshing hot or soft drink. Embrace the relaxed Dutch cafe culture and take this opportunity to ask your guide for recommendations of places to go and things to see on the rest of your trip!

      • Fort aan de Klop, Part of the Dutch Waterline Defence, is now a famous tourist attraction in Utrecht, Holland. HenkvD@Wikimedia Commons
      • Windotter Grain Mill in Utrecht, Holland. Smiley.toerist@Wikimedia Commons
      • A cow on a field with windmills in the backgroud, Utrecht, Holland. Daniela Paola Alchapar@Unsplash
      • A view of one of Utrechts famous windmills at daybreak, Utrecht, Holland. Kar Koz@Unsplash

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      Daily 10:00 am ~1:00 pm


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      Adult €39

      Minimum of 4 participants required to start this tour.


      Dutch countryside, Windpump, Grain windmill, Lumberjack windmill, Fortress of the Dutch Waterline, Stop at cafe with drink

      What’s included

      • Bike and helmet rental
      • English speaking guide

      Meeting place & directions

      Utours - The statue of Jan v. Nassau, Domplein 4, 3512 JC Utrecht, Netherlands

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