Great Pyrenees and Costa Brava E-Bike Tour (Upscale Lodging)

    6 nights | 29 miles/day
    Guided from EUR € 3716
    Bike tour in Spain
    Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours

    Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours

    6 nights | 29 miles/day
    Guided from EUR € 3716
    Bike tour in Spain

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    • A luxury electric bike tour of Spain's Catalan landscapes from the mountains to the sea

      We all love electric bikes! We also love upscale and boutique accommodations! That is why we are offering this exclusive electric bike tour in Spain that will take you from the stunning Pyrenees Mountains all the way down to the Costa Brava, showing you the most amazing landscapes Catalonia has to offer.

      And don't worry about the hills, this electric bike tour is all about being able to take your time and savor it all, not only the cycling but the local culture and history as well. And to complete the experience, you overnight in some seriously posh places.

      You begin in a modernist 5-star mansion in the region of Cerdanya and from here bike the region's stunning mountain scenery, picturesque medieval villages, and abundant wildlife.

      The terrain then becomes progressively more undulating and the vegetation changes from the forests and meadows of the Pyrenees to Mediterranean vegetation and agricultural areas. The sea is getting closer!

      Upon arriving at the plain of Empordà, essentially the backyard of the Costa Brava, you stay in a fully restored Catalan farm, a five-star hotel, set in an environment of elegance and exclusivity. From this setting, you discover by bike the surrounding well-preserved medieval villages and all the region has to offer.

      You finish your electric bike experience cycling along the Costa Brava with its beautiful beaches, coves with rugged cliffs, and charming fishing villages.

      • Dali Museum in Figueres, Catalonia, Spain. Sergey Mind@Unsplash
      • Spain is famous for its paella! Young Shih@Unsplash
      • Great Pyrenees, Costa Brava & Catalonia E-Bike Tour in Spain
      • Great Pyrenees, Costa Brava & Catalonia E-Bike Tour in Spain
      • Costa Brava sailing in Spain. Rafael Dios@Unsplash
      • Great Pyrenees, Costa Brava & Catalonia E-Bike Tour in Spain
      • Great Pyrenees, Costa Brava & Catalonia E-Bike Tour in Spain
      • Vineyards in Catalonia, Spain. Nacho Dominguez Argenta@Unsplash

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      • Well-preserved medieval villages, rolling hills, vineyards and olive groves
      • The lofty peaks of the Pyrenees
      • Beaches, coves, and cliffs of the Costa Brava
      • Picturesque fishing villages and stunning beaches
      • Cala Castell, one of the best virgin beaches on the Costa Brava
      • Dali Museum
      • Plenty of optional activities such as wine tasting, hiking, yoga, and more!
      • High-end unique hotels

    • Great Pyrenees and Costa Brava E-Bike Tour (Upscale Lodging)

       Tour Description Daily Program 

    • Daily program

      Day 1: Arrival day
      On the first day, you will be picked up after lunch at your Barcelona hotel (not included) or from the airport to be transferred (2 hours) by private transfer to Cerdanya in the Pyrenees. Your accommodation, the 5* Hotel La Torre del Remei, in the tiny hill town of Bolvir, is a modernist mansion dating from 1910, designed by Calixto Freixa, an architect disciple of Gaudí. You will spend 3 nights here giving you plenty of time to really enjoy this exclusive setting.

      Day 2: Loop route south of Cerdanya (26 miles/41km)
      Leaving the hotel at 9 am, you enter the Cerdanya Glacial Plain, one of the largest glacial plains in the world. The region is densely forested and surrounded by the lofty peaks of the Pyrenees. To the south, lies Serra del Cadí and the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park, with varied fauna such as deer, marten, bear, and spectacular birds such as the capercaillie bird. To the north are the mountains that mark the border with France.

      Your route will pass through the towns of Prats and Sansor until you reach Bellber de Cerdanya, surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The streets are typically cobbled and winding, with tall, narrow thick-walled stone buildings lining both sides. The narrow alleyways are full of life, jammed with small shops and cafes and filled with the smells of freshly baked bread and other delicious local foods. You will have a fantastic view over the plain at the Plaza Mayor. On the way back, you cycle to the small village of Bor with views over the whole plain to descend comfortably to Urús towards the center of the plain in the direction of your hotel.

      Elevation gain: +510 m

      Day 3: Loop route north of Cerdanya (41 miles/65 km)
      You leave the hotel at 9 am and explore the north of the Cerdanya Valley. After crossing the whole plain, you will reach the border with France. You explore the entire valley until you reach the town of Montlluís right at the pass between Cerdanya and the Tèr Valley that flows into the Mediterranean sea. You make a well-deserved stop to visit the citadel and its walled enclosure followed by a fantastic descent with spectacular views of the entire valley. A good informal lunch in the village of Llívia will hit the spot! You will be returned to the hotel by private transfer.

      Elevation gain: +1050 m

      Day 4: Linear route from Olot to Banyoles (24 miles/38 km)
      A private transfer (2 hours) to Olot will start your journey. After refreshing with a coffee and full of energy, you begin cycling through the Fageda d'en Jordà zone and discover the volcanic area of La Garrotxa with more than 40 small extinct volcanoes. Halfway you will stop at the fortified town of Santa Pau where you can visit its spectacular castle and walled enclosure. In Santa Pau, you enjoy a small light lunch to continue in a slight descent through the valley until reaching the Olympic Village of Banyoles with its lake. A private transfer will be provided to the 5* Hotel Mas de Torrent where you will stay for the next three nights.

      Elevation gain: +450 m

      Included activity: Once the cycling is completed, a transfer is provided from the hotel to Figueres for a 2-hour visit with a private guide to the Dalí Museum. Immerse yourself in the surrealist universe of the painter. Once the visit is over, you will return by van to the hotel.

      Day 5: Loop ride north Empordà area (31 miles/50 km)
      Cycling begins at 9 am directly from the hotel, this time heading north towards the Empordanet plain. This is one of the best-preserved areas of small medieval villages. Palau Sator, Fontclara, Fontanilles Fonolleres, Ullastret and Peratallada are fantastic examples of medieval architecture dating from the 11th to the 13th century. Characteristic elements are the defense towers, the fortified churches and the walls of the citadels. Youl end the tour at Palau Sator with a tasty lunch before cycling back to the hotel.

      Elevation gain: +450 m

      Day 6: Loop ride Costa Brava area (26 miles/41km)
      Your last ride showcases one of the best virgin beaches on the Costa Brava, Cala Castell. After taking a swim, the bravest will head towards the town of Calella de Palafrugell, one of the best-preserved fishing towns on the Costa Brava. A light lunch will be provided in front of the sea and the return follows the plain towards the hotel visiting the exceptional town of Pals, before arriving back to the hotel.

      Optional activity: If you adapt the route, you can go to the town of Palamós, board the 2-masted schooner, the Pepa Bandera to enjoy sailing along the coast and, if the weather is good, a refreshing snorkel in Cala Castell.

      Elevation gain: +430 m

      Day 7: Departure day
      A private transfer will take you to Girona, Barcelona or the airport.

      Surface and terrain

      You will traverse low-traffic secondary roads with a focus on beautiful landscapes and scenery. The daily routes mainly start from your hotel. It is only on the third day (itinerary stage from the Pyrenees to the coast) that you will need a transfer from the hotel to the starting point, and a second transfer to the Dalí Museum and later to the hotel. Some itineraries include climbs but are easily conquered on the e-bike. In order to avoid traffic, non-paved gravel roads may be incorporated for short distances. If you don’t wish to use an e-bike you can choose a non-electric touring or road bike but keep in mind the difficulty level will increase. Hiking or walking could also be switched in any stage. All itineraries can be adapted to your wishes and your fitness level.


      You will be accommodated in the following 5-star hotels.

      Hotel Torre del Remei

      Mas Torrent Hotel & Spa

      How to get there

      Tour start/end:

      Barcelona Airport (BCN)

      A private transfer from the airport or a hotel in Barcelona is included in your tour price. At the end of your tour, you can be transferred back to the airport, a hotel in the city of Barcelona, or even to Girona, if you prefer.

      Great Pyrenees and Costa Brava E-Bike Tour (Upscale Lodging)

       Tour Photos Dates & Prices 

    • Dates

      Daily: Mar - Nov, 2023

      Jul and Aug tour dates will incur a supplement.


      Tour Package

      Twin/double €3716*
      Single On request

      *Minimum of 4 participants at the price above. Groups with fewer participants will incur a supplement. Please ask!

      Extra Nights

      On request.

      Additional Services

      Private wine tasting with Laura Masramon

      Indulge in a private wine-tasting experience with Laura Masramon, a specialist on Catalan wines. Savor the flavors and aromas of the finest local wines while learning about the rich history and cultural heritage of the region. Discover the hidden gems of Catalan winemaking with this exclusive and educational adventure.


      Embark on a private journey on a sailboat along the stunning Costa Brava. Experience the serenity and beauty of the Mediterranean as you glide along, soaking up the sun and relaxing on this exclusive sailing adventure

      Fly (helicopter, plane, balloon)

      All three options - helicopter, plane, or balloon - can provide a unique and beautiful view of the Pyrenees, Garrotxa, and Emporda regions. These areas are known for their beautiful landscapes, and a flight from above can provide a unique and scenic view of the region.

      Other activities

      Varied activities can be added to enrich tour, such as cooking lessons, tasting menu, surrealist painting workshops or pottery class, and yoga.


      Tasting menu 1* Michelin Restaurant On Request
      Cellar visit and/or wine tasting
      Sailing on the Pepa Bandera
      Helicopter, balloon, or small plane flight
      Cooking lessons
      Pottery lesson
      Surrealist painting workshop

      Included services

      • 3 nights accommodation in 5* Hotel Torre del Remei
      • 3 nights accommodation in 5* Hotel Mas de Torrent 5*
      • 5 days of cycling with a guide and van support
      • GPS, road book, and maps for every day
      • General touristic information of the area
      • Energetic food pack and drinks during the ride
      • 5 light lunches on the way
      • Private guide Dali Museum
      • Private guide Pals village
      • All transfers between hotel to hotel and cycling
      • Bike rental and daily maintenance
      • Transfer Barcelona to Hotel Torre del Remei
      • Transfer Hotel Mas de Torrent to Barcelona
      • Tourist tax
      • Local taxes

      Bike rentals

      These are the bikes available for rental and included in your tour price

      • Winora Sinus Tria 7-speed Shimano Nexus electric bike with step-through frame
      • BMC Alpenchallenge AMP 8-speed Shimano Deore electric bike with horizontal bar

      Tour Company

      Great Pyrenees and Costa Brava E-Bike Tour (Upscale Lodging)

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      Great Pyrenees and Costa Brava E-Bike Tour (Upscale Lodging)

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