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Top 10 things best experienced by bike in Connemara, Ireland

We at BikeTours.com work with local operator Connemara Adventure Tours to offer you great cycling tours in this region

List compiled by Chloe Bolger of Connemara Adventure Tours. 

From cycling the quaint country roads to smelling the sea air to befriending the locals, these experiences will send you head over heels for Ireland. Check out some tour highlights:

1. Being able to cycle along the Killary Fjord and have a shoal of dolphins follow you.

2. Picking wildflowers from the side of the road. From the wild gorse bush to the beautiful colors of the Connemara heather, the flowers are abundant and beautiful.

3. Stopping as many times as you want and as many places as you want to take photos, all while learning interesting facts about the area and local history.Screen-Shot-2015-05-29-at-11.25.12-AM-300x196 Top 10 things best experienced by bike in Connemara, Ireland

4. An impromptu stop for a bowl of mussels from the side of the road, caught fresh that day, overlooking the Killary Fjord!

5. The smell of the sea air and wild nature. The smell of newly cut grass, and the smell of rain. 

6. The sounds that will surround you: the lark in the air, the waves of the sea, the bleating of lambs, the call of the pheasant, the greetings of hello as you pass someone walking on the side of the road.

7. The experience of Ireland, the land of Céad Míle Fáilte, “a Thousand Welcomes,” with all the characters along the way. Meet a friendly farmer who will stop to ask “How are you?” As you travel off the beaten path you will become immersed in the one-of-a-kind culture. 

8. Engaging with the wildlife whether you’re taking photos of Connemara ponies in the fields or avoiding the lambs and sheep on the road. 

9. Walking barefoot on the sand of Glasilaun Beach, the most beautiful beach along the Atlantic Coast.

10. Cycling along the small coastal backroads of Connemara where the only traffic you will encounter is local farmers herding sheep & lambs. 


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