Welcome to Tallinn Bike Tour

    4.7/5 (3)
    • 2.5 hours | 8.5 miles
    • From €28 EUR
    • Tallinn
    Rider Level: Recreational Electric bike tours Family-friendly bike tours
    4.7/5 (3)

    Rider Level: Recreational Electric bike tours Family-friendly bike tours

    2.5 hours | 8.5 miles
    From €28 EUR

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    • Discover the true icons of Tallinn

      Looking for your perfect introduction to the sightseeing spots of Tallinn? The Welcome to Tallinn Bike Tour is the essential guided bicycle tour of some of the city’s most splendid sights, including Kadriorg Palace and Park, the Presidential Palace, Song Festival Grounds, Maarjamäe WWII Memorial, and the superb seaside promenade. Bike rental is a bonus!

      Your day tour kicks off at Kadriorg Palace and Park, a true icon of Tallinn. The palace, dating back to the early 18th Century, features a flamboyant facade in the Petrine Baroque style guaranteed to mesmerize - the scarlet, peach and white exterior blazes in the sunlight. Such a splendid palace could only have belonged to Peter the Great of Russia who had the palace built for his wife, Catherine, hence the translated name ‘Catherine’s Valley’. Pedal through the palatial park, with its phenomenal flowerbeds, dynamic fountains, and the magnificent ‘mirage garden’.

      Your guided bike tour progresses to the Presidential Palace, sitting proudly in Kadriorg Park. The rose petal pink exterior and green roof makes this a truly memorable sightseeing destination in Tallinn and one of great political importance - the palace is the official residence of the President of Estonia!

      Those of a musical mind will know that Estonia is home to one of the biggest collections of folk songs in the world - moving melodies and triumphant tunes flow through the lifeblood of Estonians, and they are delighted to share this sensory symbol of their heritage. Cycle into the Song Festival Grounds, site of the Estonian Song Festival, one of the largest choral events on the globe, as well as the Estonian Dance Festival. Here, Estonian heritage comes to life.

      Your bicycle tour will move on to Maarjamäe WWII Memorial and the Memorial to the Victims of Communism for a moment of reflection and historical learning. It is a sobering fact that, during WWII and the following regime of occupation, every fifth person in Estonia perished. It is a true tragedy for the people of Tallinn that 75,000 Estonians were either deported, imprisoned, or murdered by the authorities under the grip of the Soviet regime. Tallinn remembers this dark chapter in its history with the moving Maarjamäe memorials, divided into two parts - the ‘Journey’ along the plaques featuring the victims’ names, and the ‘Home Garden’.

      Your bike tour of Tallinn is topped off with a sublime cycle along the seaside promenade, for a leisurely look at the stunning skyline and time to reflect on the terrific icons of Tallinn.

      • Seaside promenade, Tallinn. Artyom Kabajev@Unsplash
      • Lehmpforte, Tallinn. Roman Wimmers@Unsplash
      • Maarjamae Memorial, Tallinn. Ren 12@Wikimedia Commons
      • Old Town of Tallinn, Estonia. Eryka Ragna@Unsplash

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      Days Start Finish
      Daily 11:00 am ~1:30 pm


      Rate EUR
      Adult · 13 years old or older €28
      Child · 7 to 12 years old €15
      Infant · Children 6 and under pay only equipment rental €6

      Minimum of 2 participants required to start this tour.


      Kadriorg Palace and Park, Presidential Palace, Song Festival Grounds, Maarjamäe WWII Memorial and Memorial to the Victims of Communism, seaside promenade

      What’s included

      • Bike and helmet rental
      • English-speaking guide

      Meeting place & directions

      City Bike - Vene Street 33, Tallinn Old Town

    • Traveler photos

      •  (photo by Rudo Clemens)
      •  (photo by Rudo Clemens)
      • Julien De Falkensteen 5 months ago

        Very fun and efficient.

        · Welcome to Tallinn Bike Tour

        Amazing tour. Very efficient. The reach bike is given on a short trip is just unbeatable. The tour covered all of the monuments we expected to see and more. Enough time to observe, read and talk about the history of each monument. Joe our guide was amazing !! I recommended him highly.

      • Sarah Larios 9 months ago

        Brilliant way to discover Tallinn

        · Welcome to Tallinn Bike Tour

        Great route around Tallinn seeing places we may not have otherwise found. Guide was really knowledgeable and made the tour relaxed and fun

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        September 2023
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        As expected
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        First-time bike tourists, Solo travelers, Families with teens
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      • Rudo Clemens April 27, 2023

        Very Nice Biketour

        · Welcome to Tallinn Bike Tour

        Today (27/4/23), we had a very Nice Biketour with our guide Toomas. We were with 6 people and saw a lot. Toomas knew a lot to tell and showed us beautifull places. It’s a real recommandation, thnx so much

        •  (photo by Rudo Clemens)
        •  (photo by Rudo Clemens)

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