Tallinn Winter Bike Tour

    • 3 hours | 7.45 miles
    • From €21 EUR
    • Tallinn
    Rider Level: Leisure Family-friendly bike tours

    Rider Level: Leisure Family-friendly bike tours

    3 hours | 7.45 miles
    From €21 EUR

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    • Cycle through a winter wonderland with views of ports, palaces and picture-perfect Old Town

      It wouldn’t be authentic Estonia without a bit of snow! On this unique guided bike tour, you’ll get to grips with the coolest of Tallinn’s sightseeing spots, where you’re guaranteed a warm reception and a refreshing mid-ride coffee. Cycle to the Port, Reidi tee, Song Festival Grounds, Kadriorg Palace, Linnahall and iconic Old Town on this extra-special winter day tour of Tallinn, with the added benefit of bike rental!

      Exploring Tallinn out of season is a truly memorable experience, from the turrets of Old Town piercing the winter sky, to the bright facade of Kadriorg Palace clashing mesmerizingly with the snow that blankets the cityscape.

      Pedaling first to the port, have your frosted breath taken away by the large ships populating the stunning seaside landscape. As the largest port authority in Estonia, the Port of Tallinn has played, and continues to play, a huge role in the country’s history and economy. Admire a stunning coastal vista of blues and whites, where ships loading and unloading cargo keep Tallinn ticking over.

      Riding next to Reidi tee, you’ll enjoy a new bike route guiding you along the picturesque promenade home to one of Tallinn’s large-scale regeneration projects, creating a family-friendly haven of recreation areas and playgrounds. Enjoy wonderful views of the water as your guide fills you in on the changing face of Tallinn.

      Those of a musical mind will know that Estonia is home to one of the biggest collections of folk songs in the world - moving melodies and triumphant tunes flow through the lifeblood of Estonians, and they are delighted to share this sensory symbol of their heritage. Your winter bicycle tour continues to the Song Festival Grounds, site of the Estonian Song Festival, one of the largest choral events on the globe, as well as the Estonian Dance Festival. Here, Estonian heritage comes to life.

      Your day tour continues to Kadriorg Palace, a true icon of Tallinn. The palace, dating back to the early 18th Century, features a flamboyant facade in the Petrine Baroque style guaranteed to mesmerize - the scarlet, peach and white exterior blazes in the sunlight. Such a splendid palace could only have belonged to Peter the Great of Russia who had the palace built for his wife, Catherine, hence the translated name ‘Catherine’s Valley’.

      Now it’s time to warm up with a cozy coffee! You’ll stop for a comforting mid-ride beverage, giving you the chance to ask your guide any questions and refuel for the last section of your cycling adventure.

      Getting a good look at the Linnahall is an unmissable moment when touring Tallinn. This enormous venue played host to the regatta of the 1980 Moscow Olympics. It is now a haunting relic gradually crumbling into the harbor, its Soviet amphitheater, heliport, and seaport a meeting space for the street artists of Tallinn. As with everywhere in this city, the Linnahall has a symbolic story to tell.

      Complete your sightseeing day tour of Tallinn by riding into the iconic Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Here, your bicycle tour reaches a fabulous finale. Ogle at the Oleviste Church, also known as St. Olaf’s Church, with its incredible 124 meter spire - an icon of the Tallinn cityscape. Cycle into the Square of Towers and feel like you’ve been transported back to medieval Estonia - here is where the cultural heritage of the city really comes alive! The terracotta turrets peering over Tallinn's medieval walls are an icon of Estonia’s capital not to be missed.

      Cycle through a winter wonderland on this truly unique bike tour of Tallinn!

      • Tea served in a glass tea cup. Manki Kim@Unsplash
      • Christmas Market in Tallinn, Estonia. Hert Niks@Unsplash
      • Fat Margaret's Tower, Tallinn. Pjotr Mahhonin@Wikimedia Commons
      • Song Festival Grounds, Tallinn. Lanmcorvidae@Wikimedia Commons

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      Days Start Finish
      Daily · Nov 2, 2023–Mar 31 12:00 pm ~3:00 pm


      Rate EUR
      Person · Price per person | Ages 13+ €21

      Minimum of 2 participants required to start this tour.


      Port, Reidi tee, Song Festival Grounds, Kadriorg Palace, coffee, Linnahall, Old Town

      What’s included

      • Bike and helmet rental
      • English-speaking guide
      • Gloves and rainproof suit
      • Coffee/tea at the market

      Meeting place & directions

      City Bike - Vene Street 33, Tallinn Old Town

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