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A successful, solo bike tour down the Danube

With many trips and adventures under her belt, including a BikeTours.com guided tour, our travel ambassador Jackie Nourse of The Budget-Minded Traveler recently tried out all new territory: a solo, self-guided tour.

31044631_1863853333639069_3923915601033504600_n A successful, solo bike tour down the Danube

Jackie had taken countless trips on her own, but like many of our clients, the idea of solo cycle-touring came with a bit of hesitation.

But, emboldened with all the reasons to go on a solo self-guided bike tour, she set out on the Danube Bike Path, per the recommendation of BikeTours.com founder Jim Johnson.

The tour is a top pick for first-timers, families, and solo travelers alike, and was the perfect choice for Jackie’s first solo bike trip. The Danube is also one of Europe’s most-loved bike routes, making her 220-mile trek from Passau to Vienna a beautiful independent adventure.

30762969_1863853373639065_7064994353617161601_n A successful, solo bike tour down the Danube

Before her trip, she sat down with BikeTours.com founder Jim Johnson for her Budget-Minded Traveler podcast, to talk about her fears, concerns, and to go over tips for newbie-riders.

Hear their full conversation here!

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