Student and Alumni Travel Programs

Custom Programs for Student and Alumni Travel Programs

We can develop a tour for your university–students and/or alumni–based on your specifications. We can build in a fee for your college to offset the cost of a college staff members traveling with the group.

How it works

We develop a tour exclusively for your college. We try to learn as much as possible about what would appeal most to your students or alumni in terms of destination, activities, duration, daily mileage, rider level, and special interests. Are they recreational riders who want to explore scenic countryside and historic towns, or are they more competitive cyclists who want to experience more challenging terrain? Do they like to travel on their own, or do they want guides to cycle with them to inform them in-depth about cultural and historic topics?

Do they want economical (but still excellent) accommodations, or do they prefer more upscale quarters? Should we include multi-course dinners in fine restaurants, vineyards visits, and wine-tastings?

Based on your input, we propose a few options. When you agree that we’ve developed the perfect tour for your university, we can create promotional materials to help you sell it including PDF brochures you can email to your alumni and students and a special tour website you can link to, with your logo and messages added, if you wish.

Next steps

Prior to the tour, we’ll send each participant an electronic packet of information on the tour and on how to prepare—from training to packing.

Just give us a call at (877) 462-2423, or send an email to If you’d like to get a head start, you can start thinking about:

  • Destination(s)
  • Tour duration
  • Departure date (range)
  • Average miles per day
  • Rider level
  • Bike type (hybrid touring, road, etc.)
  • Interests (history, castles, scenery, beer, culinary, wine, hiking)
  • Maximum cost per person (including air fare)
  • Group composition (age, singles/couples/families, leisure/competitive)
  • Fee per person to college
  • Number of people (best guess)