Solana Beach Private E-Bike Tour

    Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours

    Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours

    2.5 hours
    From $95 USD
    Solana Beach, CA

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    • Solana Beach Private E-Bike Tour

      Soak up the Californian sunshine and laid-back atmosphere of Solana Beach on this leisurely, personalized e-bike city tour that includes bike rental. Get into the surfer spirit as you pedal past the palm trees on Highway 101, through stylish Cedros Design District and onto Del Mar, before stopping for an equine encounter at the world-renowned Thoroughbred Club. From here, you'll ride to Moonlight State Beach, Encinitas Boat House and to the tranquil oasis of the Self-Realization Fellowship. You'll also pack in a cycle through downtown Encinitas, and swing by the infamous Cardiff Kook statue and serene Seaside Reef, before your city tour heads back to Solana Beach.

      Your guide will lead you along historic Highway 101, where you'll pass through the renowned Cedros Design District. This area is known for its creative and eclectic vibe, where playful sculptures line the streets and even the crosswalks are impressively painted, making any ride through the area an interactive artistic experience. Your guide will show you the district's best spots, like Lofty Coffee, a local cafe known for its quality brews and cozy atmosphere. Whatever your taste, your guide’s local knowledge will ensure the stops are perfectly personalized to get the best out of the rest of your time in Solana Beach.

      Cycling south to Del Mar on this day tour, your guide will inform you of the area's enduring ties to horse racing. The Del Mar Thoroughbred Club is where surf meets turf in a world-renowned racing venue, and offers a competitive change of pace from the laid-back people watching on the boardwalk.

      As you take the traffic-free rail trail back towards Solana Beach on this guided tour, you'll have the opportunity to take in the natural beauty of the area, including the picturesque Moonlight State Beach and the iconic Encinitas Boat Houses. You'll also stop at the Self-Realization Fellowship, a spiritual center known for its landscaped gardens and serene atmosphere. In downtown Encinitas, you'll get your guide's recommendations of lesser-known local spots to eat, drink, and explore. Whether you're in the mood for a gourmet meal, a craft beer, or a sweet treat, they'll help you find the best local haunts for the rest of your trip.

      On your way back to Solana Beach, you'll do some sightseeing of the area's most iconic landmarks, including the famous Cardiff Kook statue, originally critiqued by locals for its unrealistic proportions, but now a beloved target of humorous pranks. This bicycle tour will also pass Seaside Reef Beach, where you may catch sight of Rob Machado, Solana local and surfing legend, catching waves. Soak up the California sunshine and get a glimpse of local life on this guided e-bike tour as you discover the best of the blissful coastal stretch around Solana Beach.

      • Bike parked on the pathway, Solana Beach at sunset. Keaton Elvins@Unsplash
      • Solana Beach, California. Maddie Metzger@Unsplash
      • Solana Beach, California. Timeforkindergarten@Wikimedia Commons
      • Solana beach, Amtrak Station. Fastily@Wikimedia Commons

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      Days Start Finish
      Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10:00 am ~12:30 pm

      Please arrive 10 minutes before the tour starts.


      Rate USD
      Rider $95



      Solana Beach, Cedros Design District, Del Mar, Thoroughbred Club, Moonlight State Beach, Encinitas Boat House, Self-Realization Fellowship, Downtown Encinitas, Cardiff Kook, Seaside Reef

      What’s included

      • E-bike and helmet rental
      • Experienced, local, English-speaking guide

      Meeting place & directions

      Cal Coast Adventures - 243 N Hwy 101 Suite 5, Solana Beach, CA 92075

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