Sintra Bike Tour

    5/5 (1)
    • 8 hours | 36.66 miles
    • From €125 EUR
    • Sintra
    Rider Level: Active
    5/5 (1)

    Rider Level: Active

    8 hours | 36.66 miles
    From €125 EUR

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    • Castles, capes, and the coastal beauty of Sintra-Cascais

      Cycle through Sintra’s most sensational scenery on the Sintra Bike Tour! In just a day, your guided tour takes in some of the highlights of Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, riding to Pena Palace, Moorish Castle, Cape Roca, and Azenhas do Mar. There is simply no better way to experience the best of Sintra!

      Your diverse day tour starts with a cycle to Sintra-Cascais Natural Park at the westernmost point of Europe along the Portuguese Riviera. Sintra-Cascais is an unforgettable landscape of cliffs, beaches, mountains and forests, dominated by the spectacular Serra de Sintra, covered in an enchanting layer of emerald green vegetation. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s no wonder that this magical mountainous region was a favored summer residence for kings, noblemen, and the Portuguese Bourgeoisie.

      The first destination on your ride through remarkable Sintra-Cascais is Pena Palace, a resplendent Romanticist castle towering over the town of Sintra from its perch on the Sintra Mountains. Pena is a truly unique landmark, featuring an almost gaudy exterior of red and yellow brick and an eclectic mix of architectural styles, lending the castle an exotic atmosphere. Classified not only as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but also as one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal, Pena Palace is used by the President of the Portuguese Republic for state occasions.

      Your bicycle tour moves on to the Moorish Castle, an incredible hilltop castle dating back to the 10th Century, spectacularly snaking its ancient walls around one of the Sintra Hills. This is a fairytale view, an evocative landscape that sticks in the memory for years to come. As the name suggests, this captivating castle was founded by the Moors, during the period when they occupied the Iberian Peninsula.

      Your day tour continues to Cape Roca, one of the most spectacular sites in Sintra-Cascais Natural Park. At the westernmost point of the Sintra Mountain Range, Cabo da Roca’s vertical cliffs rise roughly 100 meters above sea level. Here, you’ll find a monument marking the cape as the westernmost point of Europe, and a romantic lighthouse peering over the promontory. Below you, the Atlantic Ocean caresses the cliffs and provides a dramatic color contrast with the verdant green of the Sintra Hills.

      Arriving at Azenhas do Mar, take in one of the most spectacular views anywhere in Portugal as you gaze over this sublime seaside town nestled on a dramatic cliff face. Its name, meaning ‘Watermills of the Sea’, is derived from an old stream that was once powerful enough to move the town’s watermills as it rushed towards the ocean. The scenery here is unrivaled - Mediterranean-style white houses crowd the cliff face, appearing as if they’re tumbling down to the golden beach below. Your beautiful bike tour rounds off with a cycle back to Sintra village center.

      • Sintra, located on the Portuguese Riviera. Natalie Viklicka, Unsplash
      • Sintra-Cascais Natural Park. Iaroslav Zhukov@Unsplash
      • Francesinha, Portuguese sandwich originating from Porto! CC:Filipe Fortes
      • Lake de Pena, or Duck lake, Sintra. Rashid Khreiss@Unsplash

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      Days Start Finish
      Daily 9:30 am ~5:30 pm

      Tour starting time can be chosen upon request.


      Rate EUR
      Adult €285
      Group* (2 people) €165
      Group (3-5 people) €135
      Group (6+) €125

      *Price per person

      50% discount for children under 14 years old


      Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, Pena Palace, Moorish Castle, Cape Roca, Azenhas do Mar, Sintra Village Center

      What’s included

      • Hybrid E-bike and helmet rental
      • English-speaking guide
      • Liability insurance
      • Personal accidents insurance


      • Stopping for a light lunch for an additional 20 euro charge
      • Transfer from and to Lisbon (group price 1-3 people both ways) for 30 eur

      Meeting place & directions

      Sintra Train Station

      • Carol Addy 9 months ago

        Terrific tour led by Paolo!

        · Sintra Bike Tour

        Highly recommend the tour led by Paolo! He was personable and very knowledgeable about Sintra, Portugal, and the history.