Bike Tour Reviews  Sail And Bike To Picturesque Villages And Nature Reserves

Sail and Bike to Picturesque Villages and Nature Reserves

COUNTRY: Holland

7 nights
5/5 (1)
Rider Level: Recreational Electric bike tours Bike and boat tours
Rider Level: Recreational Electric bike tours Bike and boat tours

5/5 (1)
7 nights

Guided from EUR € 1069

Jun 10, 17, 24; Jul 1, 8, 15, 22, 29; Aug 5, 12, 19, 26; Sep 2, 9, 2023.

Sail and bike along the coast of the Ijsselmeer. Once a salty sea, now the largest sweetwater lake in all of Holland! Discover this unique part of the Netherlands aboard a magnificent and comfortably furnished sailing ship, and riding excellent cycle…

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  • Picturesque Villages and Nature Reserves
    (5/5) HeidiLang June 6, 2019

    This was an awesome trip!

    The ship ('t Wapen fan Fryslan) was incredibly beautiful! Cabins were small as expected, but clean and comfortable. Bathrooms were sufficient and everything worked well. The crew was incredible! The Captain (and ship owner) is the most pleasant, calm, confident and capable seaman I have ever met (we are sailors, too) and really seems to care about his guests and that they have a good time and everything is safe. He was an awesome host! It is obvious that he puts a great deal of work and love into his ship, and everyone seemed to acknowledge, appreciate and respect that. And the captain owns the sweetest dog!
    Our itinerary changed during the first few days, but it was fine. The biking was easy and some paths took us through beautiful farm country, through some nature parks and forests, and through some lovely little villages and towns. We are not hard-fast bikers, but we were able to keep up with the pack. You do have to cross some roadways, and some can be busy, but everything worked out well for our group. Also being a sailing tour, we sailed on some of the days and the ship is absolutely gorgeous under sail! The first mate was so helpful and instructed us as to what to do so we could help raise, lower and trim the sails. Oh, and yes, there is a Jacuzzi on board that was opened on some of the nights when we were docked at port. Luxury!
    Meals were awesome as well! Good wholesome food elegantly prepared and presented! It was obvious that the chef took pride in the meals she prepared. Everything was delicious, and even my son, who is quite picky, ate most everything and was pleased with the meals! One night, the chef even put on a barbecue on the deck with many varieties of meats, each one specially marinated, with several side dishes. It takes an enormous effort to pull that off on a sailboat, where everything must be toted up and down between the galley and the deck. (Note: Guests who have preferences are advised on the website to arrange special dietary requests in advance. We did not feel it was necessary, and we were fine. The Dutch do not necessarily have salads at each meal, but meals are well balanced and there are ample vegetables served!)
    Can't say enough about this trip! THE BEST!!

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    May 18
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    As expected
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    Solo travelers, First-time bike tourists, Families with teens
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    • Setting the sails (photo by HeidiLang)
    • 't Wapen fan Fryslan sailing (photo by HeidiLang)
    • On deck BBQ - Delicious! (photo by HeidiLang)
    • Captain Erik and our tour guide Tami made the trip even more fabulous! (photo by HeidiLang)
    • Gorgeous scenery :) (photo by HeidiLang)
    • Starting the day in Stavoren (photo by HeidiLang)
    • 5/5 Value
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