Milan Hidden Treasures Bike Tour Reviews

Milan Hidden Treasures Bike Tour

Milan · from €35 EUR

3 hours, 7.5 miles
5/5 (2)
Rider Level: Leisure
Rider Level: Leisure
5/5 (2)
3 hours, 7.5 miles

Days Start Finish
Daily · Jun 1–Aug 31 9:30 am ~12:30 pm
Daily · Sep 1–May 31 10:00 am ~1:00 pm

Uncover the hidden gems in a city famed for its resplendent beauty! This family-friendly guided bike tour explores Milan's best-kept secrets, guaranteed to amaze and give you a real feel for this city's elegant culture and wonderful stories. You'll ride…

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  • Bike around Milan's best-kept secrets
    (5/5) Lisa Blake 1 month ago

    Efficient Fun

    · Milan Hidden Treasures Bike Tour

    “Efficient” may not be the first thing people aspire to while on vacation but hear me out: My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our bike ride through northern Milan with Pauline. She took great care to make sure we were always safe. This was important to me because while my husband is accustomed to biking around New York City, I am not an avid biker so the safety aspect allowed me to relax and enjoy what was a fantastic experience. We saw so many neighborhoods we never would have otherwise, beautiful old homes and streets that were utterly charming. She also shared the amazing crypt of Giuseppe Verdi. As huge opera fans this was a real and unexpected treat! Being on bikes allowed us to efficiently see Chinatown and also the Monumental Cemetery . There was a huge concert taking place in Sforza park. Being on bikes meant we could see the park without being bogged down by the crowds. Pauline took the time to share fascinating history along the way as well which really rounded out the experience. At the end she even helped us get a taxi. We highly recommend this experience. Not just for the efficiency but mostly for the fun! Traveling by bike is a wonderful way to explore Milan and Pauline is the perfect guide.

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    June 8
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    First-time bike tourists, Solo travelers, Families with teens
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  • (5/5) Bozena Kusovac Derkovic January 27, 2023

    Great way to discover Milan

    · Milan Hidden Treasures Bike Tour

    The tour is fun, and very well organized in terms of places it takes you. Besides all the Milan's major sights, it also includes some of the less known, not that obvious touristic spots, which I found was very neat. My major highlights were Chinatown, and few new and ultra modern neighborhoods, architecture wise. These are all located in the vicinity od the immediate city centre. Our guide Polina was beyond great, you could tell she takes pride in her work, and the city she lives in. She also taught us some fabolous aperitivo places, as we were passing by them, the type of place you wouldn't know for unless a local showed you. Another bonus goes to the way Milan is laid out, being all very flat and extremely easy to bike.

    • Chinatown street. (photo by Bozena Kusovac Derkovic)
    • Bike cappuccino. (photo by Bozena Kusovac Derkovic)