Bike Tour Reviews: Loch Lomond To Edinburgh  Lakes & Valleys Of Scotland

Loch Lomond to Edinburgh: Lakes & Valleys of Scotland

COUNTRY: Scotland

7 nights
5/5 (1)
Rider Level: Active Electric bike tours
Rider Level: Active Electric bike tours

5/5 (1)
7 nights

Self guided from GBP £ 1935

Thursdays and Sundays, Apr 1-Nov 30, 2024 (minimum 2 participants)

From the shores of Loch Lomond, through to the dramatic lochs and glens of the Trossachs National Park, to Pitlochry in the Highlands and onto Edinburgh, this is a stunning vacation. The Trossach hills provide a fabulous backdrop to your route, which…

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  • Lakes and Valleys of Scotland
    (5/5) Marie Collier 6 months ago

    On the bonnie bonnie banks...

    The company was very accommodating! We attended the Scottish Wild Foods Festival before the start of our tour and this just made the trip! We were shuttled from our hotel to the start of the tour at the Hotel in Balloch on the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond and pretty much from there had the smoothest trip! We had rain, yes, but we had the appropriate gear and we were in Scotland!!! The route took us past all sorts of gems, castles, distilleries, standing stones, stone circles, historical sites, gravesites, and amazing eateries. The hotel choices were top-notch! We loved every hotel each was different, unique, and had character (but not too much character!). The drivers who transported our luggage were prompt, attentive, and helpful. We really could not have enjoyed ourselves more. We found all sorts of treasures to stop and admire along the way, botanical gardens, ruins, waterfalls, and ancient archeological sites. Wow! I have fallen in love with Scotland! The train back to Edinburg at the end was perfect the station was close to our final hotel and the driver was there to collect our bikes literally right as we pulled in. When we arrived in Edinburg, the hotel was so close to Waverly station, so easy!
    The one suggestion I would make to make the trip a little more stress-free...Puncture-resistant tire liners and "slime tubes" just switch them out before you start off on your journey. We did have a couple of flats, but we had spares, a pump, and a puncture kit, however just started off in a nice dry and warm place by switching out the tubes and putting in some liners. That was really the only thing I wish I'd had. Note: I did bring my own saddle (Terry Butterfly Ti gel) and the bike shop switched that out for me as well as my own clipless pedals. I also had rain shoe covers (which many folx stopped me to ask where to buy them). I was comfortable, dry, and warm. Could not have been a better trip! Thanks so much!