Bike Tour Reviews  German Rivers, Wines, And Cycle Paths By Bike And Boat

  • German Rivers, Wines, and Cycle Paths by Bike and Boat
    (5/5) Monika Sorlini 9 months ago

    Goldige Reise mit unseren amerikanischen Freunden

    Zum radeln hervorragend, wir hätten keine Guides benötigt, da uns die römischen Bauten weniger interessiert haben. Wir haben es vorgezogen, zu geocachen.

    What was the date of your tour?
    17.9. bis 24.9.23
    How many tours have you completed?
    Difficulty (actual vs. expected)?
    As expected
    Who is this tour suitable for?
    First-time bike tourists, Solo travelers
    Do you recommend this tour?
    • 4/5 Value
    • 4/5 Included meals
    • 3/5 Bikes + equipment
    • 4/5 Hotels or boat
    • 5/5 Scenery
    • 4/5 Ease of navigation
    • 4/5 Tour documents
    • 2/5 Local tour company services
    • 4/5 Route selection
    • 4/5 Guides (if applicable)