Bike Tour Reviews: Canal Du Midi  Carcassonne To Sete, The South Of France And The Sea

Canal du Midi: Carcassonne to Sete, the South of France and the Sea


6 nights
4/5 (1)
Rider Level: Active
Rider Level: Active

4/5 (1)
6 nights

Self guided from EUR € 1790

Daily: year-round, 2024

Cruise the Canal du Midi by bike from incredible Carcassonne to spectacular Sete on the Mediterranean coast. Beginning in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Carcassonne, a medieval city restored by the famous architect Viollet-le-Duc and celebrated for…

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  • Canal du Midi
    (4/5) Margaret 8 months ago

    Beautiful arrangements, somewhat difficult cycling

    Carcassone is stunning. All of the hotels were good to excellent. The terrain is quite varied. The cycling was more difficult than I expected -- there are some serious climbs on the first two days, and most of the route is on public roads so you have to deal with cars. The tour company did their best to avoid traffic but they can't create a bike path where there is none. Fortunately, French drivers are used to bicyclists. I would recommend this trip to experienced cyclists but not to newbies.
    The preparatory material was good. We were given printed maps and also an app for our phones. Both were good but the app was great because you could use it while you were on the bike, and it gave you an audible warning if you got twenty meters off the trail. The app also kept track of the percentage of the daily ride you had covered, and had a few more features. This was the first time I'd had an app and I really appreciated it.

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