Custom and Private Bike Tours in Portugal

5/5 (1)
5 nights
Self guided from EUR € 2995
Bike tour in Portugal
Rider Level: Leisure

Custom and Private Bike Tours in Portugal

5/5 (1)

Rider Level: Leisure

5 nights

Self guided from EUR € 2995
Bike tour in Portugal

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  • Bespoke cycling tours through Portugal's Wine Country, historic cities, and stunning coastlines

    Why customize a cycling tour to Portugal? Well, it's simple – because it's all about you! Tell us what interests you, and we'll tailor-make a specialized custom tour that's just right for you!

    Are you a wine connoisseur? Picture yourself pedaling through the terraced vineyards of the Douro Valley or Alentejo, stopping for tastings in charming wineries along the way. Sip on delicious Portuguese wines while soaking in breathtaking valley views – it doesn't get much better than that!

    History buffs, get ready to step back in time as you explore the cobblestone streets of Lisbon, roam the historic university town of Coimbra, and wander through the UNESCO-listed old town of Porto. With every pedal stroke of your tailor-made tour, you'll uncover centuries of fascinating stories and rich cultural heritage.

    Beach lovers, rejoice! Portugal's stunning coastline awaits, offering miles of pristine beaches and charming seaside towns like Lagos and Sagres. Feel the sun on your face and the wind in your hair as you cycle along the coast, taking in the breathtaking ocean views on your bespoke bike tour.

    Or, how about island hopping? Portugal has that too! Explore the volcanic landscapes and lush forests of Madeira, cycling along scenic coastal roads and take on challenging mountain trails. Or venture to the Azores, where dramatic cliffs and azure waters await, offering unforgettable cycling experiences amidst stunning natural beauty.

    With so many possibilities, let us help you craft the ultimate custom-tailored cycling adventure in Portugal, holistically designed just for you!

    • Cascais, Portugal. Jeroen Denotter@Unsplash
    • Trams in Lisbon, Portugal. Victor Malyushev@Unsplash
    • Bacalhau migas rapini - typical Portuguese cuisine. CC:Silvarnet
    • Nazaré, Portugal. CC:Misterno
    • Pasteis de Belém, the famous Portuguese custard treats! Didimiam@Unsplash
    • Sunsets in Porto. Alejandro Pinero@Unsplash
    • Portuguese wines to explore! Bruno Ferreira@Unsplash
    • Roman Ruins in Evora, Portugal. Jose Santos@Unsplash

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    • Lisbon: Historic charm and iconic landmarks.
    • Porto: Riverside cycling and wine cellars.
    • Algarve Coast: Stunning beaches and coastal cliffs.
    • Douro Valley: Vineyard landscapes and UNESCO site.
    • Camino de Santiago: Pilgrim route and spiritual journey.
    • Madeira: Volcanic beauty and lush landscapes.
    • Azores: Remote archipelago and natural wonders.

    For those one-day excursions that maximize each adventure, take a look at our day tours to add to your itinerary.

    Custom and Private Bike Tours in Portugal


  • Custom and Private Bike Tours in Portugal

     Tour Description Daily Program 

  • Daily program

    Creating a personalized cycling tour in Portugal allows you to tailor the experience to your interests, pace, and preferences. Choose from a variety of destinations and activities, including off-the-beaten-path locations and themed experiences like wine tasting or historical tours. Benefit from expert local guides, flexible accommodation options, and ongoing support throughout the planning and touring process. Tell us what interests you!

    Wine Enthusiast-
    Destinations: Douro Valley, Alentejo
    Activities: Cycling through vineyards, wine tastings at renowned wineries, and scenic rides along wine routes.

    History Buff-
    Destinations: Lisbon, Coimbra, Porto
    Activities: Exploring historic neighborhoods, guided tours of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and cycling along ancient city walls

    Beach Lover-
    Destinations: Algarve (Lagos, Sagres), Cascais, Aveiro
    Activities: Cycling along scenic coastal routes, beach hopping, and exploring seaside villages.

    Nature Explorer-
    Destinations: Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, Madeira, Azores
    Activities: Mountain biking through forest trails, cycling along volcanic landscapes, and exploring natural reserves.

    Destinations: Porto, Lisbon, Alentejo
    Activities: Cycling to local markets, food tastings at traditional eateries, and exploring culinary hotspots.

    Adventure Seeker-
    Destinations: Alentejo, Algarve
    Activities: Mountain biking through natural parks, cycling along rugged coastlines, and exploring off-road trails.

    Romantic Getaway-
    Destinations: Sintra, Porto, Douro Valley
    Activities: Cycling through romantic landscapes, wine tastings at sunset, and leisurely rides along scenic riverbanks

    Custom and Private Bike Tours in Portugal

     Photos Accommodation 

  • Accommodation


    Simply let us know your hotel preferences, from the category to the type you prefer. The options range from cozy, family-run establishments to luxurious boutique hotels. We prioritize excellent service and a warm welcome at every location. Plus, convenient locations ensure you're within walking distance of local attractions and have plenty of dining options for dinner.

    Custom and Private Bike Tours in Portugal

     Daily program Dates & Prices 

  • Dates

    Daily arrivals, year-round


    The price will fluctuate based on factors such as tour duration, destination, accommodation level, and bike rental options.

    To help us design a personalized experience that matches your preferences, please take a moment to answer the questions below. Once you have your answers, contact us [HERE]. One of our tour specialists will review your information and reach out to discuss your options!

    1. How many days do you plan to spend cycling?
    2. Do you prefer a self-guided tour or a guided one?
    3. What level of accommodations are you looking for? (e.g., 3-star, 4-star)
    4. What are your travel dates or date range?
    5. How many people are in your group, including children and their ages?
    6. What are your desired towns or destinations?
    7. Do you have predetermined arrival and departure points?
    8. How many rooms will you need, and what types (single, twin, double)?
    9. Which type of bike do you prefer? (Touring, road, mountain, gravel, or e-bike)
    10. What is your preferred daily cycling distance and difficulty (including elevation gain)?
    11. Do you have specific interests, such as history, beaches, wine, nature, or cultural activities?
    12. Are there any additional details or preferences we should know about? (e.g., preferred route, rest days, other interests)

    Included services

    • Tailor-made tour preparations
    • Accommodation reservations for the duration of your tour
    • In-depth welcome meeting, equipment delivery, and post-tour briefing
    • Pre-tour details (route overview, accommodation list, tourist info)
    • Top-quality touring bike, electrically-assisted bike, road bike, or mountain bike.
    • Luggage transfer or panniers if you prefer to cycle completely independently
    • GPS with your personal itineraries, maps, and route descriptions
    • Tourist information
    • 24-hour support throughout your tour

    Custom and Private Bike Tours in Portugal

     Accommodation Other Details 

  • Surface and terrain

    Portugal offers diverse terrain. Along the coast, you’ll find smooth roads with gentle hills and scenic ocean views. Inland regions like Alentejo and Douro Valley offer more rugged terrain that winds through vineyards and olive groves. For urban exploration, Lisbon and Porto have dedicated bike lanes along historic streets and through vibrant neighborhoods. Choose your adventure to suit your preferences!

    How to get there

    When considering travel to Portugal, your primary options for arrival are through its major airports. Lisbon and Porto airports serve as the primary entry points for most travelers, offering extensive flight connections. For those heading to southern Portugal, Faro airport is a notable option. Additionally, travelers bound for Madeira or the Azores should consider flights to Funchal or Ponta Delgada airports, respectively.

    Custom and Private Bike Tours in Portugal

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    • A. Anderson 2 weeks ago

      Fantastic service for a glorious holiday! crafted our ideal cycling holiday in Portugal flawlessly. The route, dinners, and hotels surpassed our expectations, making for an unforgettable experience. We wholeheartedly endorse their services and eagerly anticipate our next adventure with them.

    Custom and Private Bike Tours in Portugal

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