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Cruising the Coast: Grandola to Sagres Along the Vicentine Coast

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  • 5 nights | 42 miles/day
  • Difficulty Level: 3
  • Self-guided from: €1590
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Tour Type: Guided Self-guided

Tour description

Bike around the most fantastic Portuguese beaches. The Costa Vicentina tour, along the Southern Portuguese sea coast, is like a banquet to your senses. Experience breathtaking landscapes, dine among the Portuguese in the most typical fishing village, and sunbathe along its continuous length of golden sand!

Tempt yourself with the extraordinary Portuguese cuisine, drink and enjoy the refinement of the Alentejo wines and all of this... near blue crystal beach.

Daily program

Day 1: Arrival
Arrival to Lisbon airport and transfer to Barradas da Serra Country House, an incredible Manor House where you’ll be received like family on this welcoming farm estate.

For more than a century producing cereals, including wheat, this activity has lost some significance over time, and it is now the oak forest (montado) of greater importance in the activity of the homestead. The production of cork is an investment with many years of tradition in the family, being also of great importance for the region and the country. After check-in, our team will do a general briefing on the tour.
Overnight in Grandola

Day 2: Grandola – Santiago do Cacém (27 miles/43 km)
Following breakfast we’ll start our tour with a loop stage, exploring the beautiful scenery of the region, with its cork forest and contrasting beaches, just a few kilometers apart. We’ll be stopping at the St. André Lagoon, surrounded by golden dunes and a diversified avifauna, making of this a very pleasant place, filled with peace of mind and beauty.
Overnight in Santiago do Cacém

Day 3: Santiago do Cacém – Vila Nova de Milfontes (29 miles/46 km)
Following a delicious breakfast we continue our biking through the Alentejo. Our journey continues with a smooth and breezy downhill dash to enter the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park, all the way to Porto Côvo. Discover here a genuine seven heaven made up of almost only deserted beaches, cliffs and crags amidst exceptionally rich biodiversity and unique geological heritage. Among the 750 plants and 200 species of birds that have been identified throughout the area of the Natural Park, there are a few worth mentioning, like the White Sork, Bonelli’s Eagle, the Peregrine Falcon or the felines such as the Fox or the Iberian Linx.
Overnight in Vila Nova de Milfontes

Day 4: Vila Nova de Milfontes – Odeceixe (32 miles/51 km)
After another delicious homemade breakfast, we cycle along a flat terrain stage, with spectacular views over the seashore and smooth breezes along the cliffs, overlooking the magnificent sandy beaches and estuaries. After an easy afternoon relaxing on the beach, we’ll take a look at the 1883 Cabo Sardão Lighthouse, an impressive 17 meters high structure that still helps ship navigate along the coast. The views are impressive and we cross the river which divides Alentejo and the Algarve region.
Overnight in Odeceixe

Day 5: Odeceixe – Sagres (43 miles/68 km)
The day begins cycling through the magnificent ocean views. We are heading for Sagres, the southernmost point in Portugal, where the Portuguese sailors learned how to sail the caravel in the 15th-century and discovered new worlds. We cycle to the village of Aljezur, located in a lush green valley, well known for its sweet potatoes. Although a bit higher, the 10th-century Moorish castle is a “must see” and has one of the most fantastic views of the Portuguese southwest region. We’ll continue to Sagres village, all the way to St. Vincent Lighthouse – with lovely panoramic views onto the Atlantic Ocean...offering one of the best sunsets in the world!
Overnight in Sagres

Day 6: Departure
Today is departure day. During the morning we'll transfer to the airport.

Route map

Maps reflect your approximate overnight locations and do not reflect your actual cycling route.


Daily: Jan 1-May 31, Oct 1-31, 2019 (minimum 2 persons; subject to availability in May)


Tour package
Per person, double occupancy
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Child, ages 0-2 sharing room with 2 full paying adults (on base package price)
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Bike Tours Portugal Terms and Conditions

As we are a company that develops outdoor activities, the tour operator is subject to weather conditions at the time of the activity. Therefore, the tour operator reserves itself the right to change routes or tour plans in the event that weather conditions may endanger the safety of our Clients. The following are examples of weather/environmental conditions that might influence itinerary plans: landslide, trees blown off/fallen, cyclonic wind, earthquakes, heavy rains, rushing streams of water, fire or risk of fire.

If you have made a reservation or a full payment of a Tour and for some reasons of your own change your mind about the service that you’ve acquired with the tour operator a refund will be provided only under the following conditions:

  • The total amount paid (minus a Cancellation Fee of Euro 250 per person) if the cancellation is written communicated to the tour operator 50 days in advance
  • 50% of the total amount paid (plus a Cancellation Fee of Euro 250 per person) if the cancellation is written communicated to the tour operator 40 days in advance
  • 25% of the total amount paid (plus a Cancellation Fee of Euro 250 per person) if the cancellation is written communicated to the tour operator 20 days in advance
  • Cancellations received by the tour operator with less than 20 days’ notice do not qualify for any refund.

In case of Cancellation, 40% of the funds can be used toward another one of our tours within that same calendar year unless cancellation took place within the 3 weeks prior to start date. Cancellations should be submitted in writing by either national or international mail to the tour operator. Cancellation will be valid from date received by the tour operator.

The tour operator is not responsible for refunding paid services that are not used by the Client.

The tour operator reserves the right to cancel any tour or related activity. In the rare event of a cancellation, a full refund will be awarded and this shall serve as agreement of any transaction between all parties involved.

All accommodations and activities including tours and any other social activity or aspect of such activities, written, graphic, and promotional material are hereby subject to change in appearance, aspect, date and thematic attribute by the tour operator at any time before during or after any tours and or activity or program.

Any cancellation of the reservations that originates from the breach of this contract is the entire responsibility of the client. In case of any contradiction in the interpretation of these rates and conditions from those proposed by the client, the above rates and conditions will always prevail. For any questions derived from the interpretation and execution of these rates and conditions, both parties will submit themselves to the courts of law of Lagos. In any case, the Portuguese Tourism Legislation applies.

Both contracting parties declare to have the power and authority to represent both contracting companies, stated below. Both contracting parties declare to acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions of the present contract on the date stated below.

When a tour is bought, bicycle and helmet are included as a rental part of the service. Each one of our clients is held responsible, in financial and moral and terms, for their equipment during its use. Knowing that we will use bicycles in off-road terrains in some occasions, any type of excessive wear in our equipment will be evaluated by the tour operator and if needed ask for responsibilities to the Client. If some type of excessive damage is observed in the bicycle, Client will have to pay for parts replacements or for repairs – degree of damage to be evaluated by the tour operator. Always follow the tour operator guides instructions for the equipment sake, and above all, for your personal safety!

The tour operator main concern during its tours, is to provide maximum leisure and fun moments to their Clients. Safety will always be paired to our main concern. Always follow the tour operator guides instructions for your personal, and group, safety.

I agree to wear a bicycle helmet at all times as well as any other required safety equipments. Should I fail to do so I forfeit any liability of the tour operator and their staff as well as accept any injury or harm that may befall my person due to such negligent action.

I accept and acknowledge that I am taking part in an outdoor activity which requires both travel and physical activity conditions, within surroundings that might be foreign or unfamiliar to my person. I further agree that by participating in activities offered by the tour operator I’m assuming the legal responsibility for risks involved with any dangers associated with the acts of travel in general, with any outdoor or recreational activity and assume liability for injury, illness, or death incurred by the participation in activities related to the exercise of public transportations, transferences, roadways, highways and sea faring methods of transportation.

I agree to follow all instructions provided by any member of the tour operator either provided me in a written or oral way. If I do not follow these directions and safety guidelines/orientations, I give up of my rights to assert responsibility and liability against the tour operator (as well as their staff). Also, if I do not follow the directions and safety guidelines/orientations, the service provider has the right to terminate my participation in any or all activities related to the tour in question. In the case of a the tour operator staff member terminate any or all activities related to the tour in question, issuing the fail in follow the safety directions/guidelines/orientations, I lose the right to claim any type of money already paid in the past to the tour operator.

I accept the terms as put forward by the tour operator and agree to all risks and dangers related with such outdoor physical activities. I am further aware of the risks and dangers to my own physical well being and recognize that I have both taken liability and consulted a licensed physician about any and all concerns and or pre-existing medical conditions that I have and am aware of, in order to safely ride a bicycle, or any other recreational/social activity, during the tour operator tours.

The tour operator is not responsible for and will not grant refunds for: problems with accommodations or travel/ transportation not included in our tour, arrival or departure changes in flights, or any other service issued which is not included on our tours. In addition to these, medical dietary, hospitalization, travel insurance, natural disaster, international terrorism threat or act of civil/international violence/unrest. Above all, the company is not responsible for any unforeseen circumstance out of the control of the tour operator.

It is of my acknowledgement and I give full right to the tour operator to use any photographic or other audiovisual recorded material taken during my participation in their event, for any promotional, commercial and marketing purpose in the future.

The tour operator is insured according to the Portuguese law in force for its activity. All participants on our tours will be insured for Personal Accidents in the amount of €3.500 for medical expenses/medical treatment and €20.000 in case of death or permanent disability. We also have limited liability insurance in the amount of €50.000.

The tour operator is not responsible for any expenses incurred to my person or any member of my participating or associated party due to travel related or any other reason for expense outside of the covered conditions of the tours offered.

I have read all information provided by the tour operator regarding the tour and activity information, reservation deposit policy, cancellation/annulment policy, equipment rental policy, safety policy, waiver/disclaimer policy, insurance policy and agree to all terms and understand them completely. In case of having any type of doubts regarding this contract I have the right to contact the tour operator at any time. I acknowledge that this is a signed contract between me and the tour operator and I sign the contract under my own agreement and will.

All photos used by permission. ©Bike Tours Portugal


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frederique gallen September 6, 2018


The best way to visit, but for the less experienced I highly recommend an e-bike! it made my trip even better! What a fabulous way to visit a country