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BikeTours.com has more than 200 bicycle tours in 35 countries across Europe. We know...that's a lot! 

To help you make a decision and find the perfect tour for you, we've broken down a selection of tours into popular trip types, from the perennially popular bike and boat tours to mountain biking and road cycling trips.

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Classic | Bike + Boat | Family-friendly | Beginner-friendly
E-bike | Wine + CuisineMountain biking | Multi-sport | Hub-and-spoke
Dedicated bike paths | Road cycling


The quintessential bicycle tour. Classic tours are our most popular trip type and encompass the majority of our offerings.

Bike + Boat

Cycle by day, float by night. A perfect option for families, couples, friends, solo travelers and more. 


Tours and routes that keep kids and varying ability levels in mind.


Bike touring newbie? Don't worry - these tours are perfect for those looking for easy-to-follow routes and great services on the ground.


Bike tours with electric bikes available for rent - perfect for those looking for an additional push up the hills or through any long days. 

Wine + Cuisine

Tours that focus on wine and cuisine, in addition to great cycling.

Mountain biking

Mountain bike tours that feature the best singletrack trails around the world. 


Tours that feature cycling in addition to other active pursuits such as hiking, swimming, boating, and more. 

Hub and spoke

Tours based out of one hotel, which saves you the packing and unpacking each day of the tour.

Dedicated bike paths

Tours with routes that follow along dedicated bike paths, a safe and stress-free way to tour by bike.

Road cycling

Tours on road bikes, often featuring longer miles and a faster pace.

Need more help finding the perfect bicycle tour for you? Contact one of our friendly tour advisors at info@biketours.com or give them a call at 1-877-462-2423. You can also use our Tour Search to hunt by location, interests, level of difficulty, date, and more.