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That feeling you get when you're cycling along a rural path and look up to see the Alps towering above you? Or the smile that spreads wide across your face as the local children run alongside you? Well, you have to book a tour to experience all that.

But to get a good idea of what you can see and experience on two wheels as you explore the globe, these photos can help! 

See some of our photo galleries below. Have photos you want to share? E-mail us at

Tauern Bicycle Path (Austria)

 Tour advisor Brittany went on tour along the popular Tauern Bike Path in 2015. See her pics from the adventure here. 
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Macedonia president and founder Jim Johnson went on tour in 2015 in beautiful and unspoiled Macedonia. He was joined by photographer Olivia Harlow. See their photos here.
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Croatia: Dalmatia from Dubrovnik client services manager Richie Daigle went on tour in Croatia in 2015. See his colorful images here from this dreamy destination. 
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