Pay your deposit

You have the option to choose between multiple currencies when making a payment. Click on the currency you wish to use below for payment options and instructions.

Once your payment has been received and processed, we will notify you through email.

US Dollars

Deposit Amounts

Tours 10 Days or less

  • $400 per person

Tours 11 Days or more

  • $800 per person

Payment Options

USD Check or Bank Draft

Please make check payable to and send to: LLC
PO Box 30
Dimock, PA 18816

A return fee of $30 will be incurred for any check returned due to insufficient funds.

Credit Card or Debit Card

All credit card / Debit Card transactions will incur a 4% fee.

Sample charges for a 1-week tour:

Deposit for 1 individual: $400 + 4% = $416 total charged
Deposit for 2 individuals: $400 + $400 = $800 + 4% = $832 total charged

Charge Card on File Submit New Credit Card

ATTENTION: If you are traveling in a group, separate reservation forms must be submitted for each couple or individual who wishes to make their own separate payments.

For group bookings, a separate reservation form must be submitted for each couple or individual who wishes to make separate payments.

Canadian Dollars

Deposit Amounts

Tours 10 Days or less

  • CAD $500 per person

Tours 11 Days or more

  • CAD $1,000 per person

Payment Options

Stripe Payment

All Stripe payments will incur a 4% processing fee


Deposit Amounts

Tours 10 Days or less

  • €350 per person

Tours 11 Days or more

  • €700 per person

Payment Options

Direct Bank to Bank Wire Transfer (EU Residents)

Submit payment to our Biketours account provided above.

You are not responsible for wire fees if your issuing bank is part of the EU.

Bank Information: Available upon request

Money Transfer (Non-EU Residents)

We find, for our international clients who are not part of the European Union, that the most cost-effective method of transacting a Euro payment is by using a money transfer service.

One such service you may choose to use is Wise (formerly known as Transferwise). If using this service, no additional wire fees are required.

For most international clients, this process is very straightforward. Canadian clients may be asked for document certification as an extra layer of security. (As a result of this, we accept payment in CAD through our TD Canadian Bank account.)

If using another Euro transfer service:

BikeTours LLC
PO Box 30
Dimock, PA 18816
Bank Name & Address:
Croeselaan 18
3521 CB Utrecht
The Netherlands
IBAN# NL75RABO0190202610

If not already included on your invoice, please include a €15 wire fee
Outgoing wire fees for your bank are your responsibility. DO NOT SEND PAYMENT BASED ON THE “BEN” PAYMENT INSTRUCTION. The beneficiary pays all wire costs under this payment method. If payment is made using this method or does not include the €15 wire fee, you may be contacted for further payment. It is not advised that non-EU residents use their local bank for wire transfers, due to associated fees.

All Currencies

  • Tours booked within 100 days of departure: There us NO deposit stage. The final invoice is immediately prepared with total payment due upon receipt.
  • Tours booked within 6 weeks of departure: The credit card provided upon booking will be charged in US dollars, including a 4% processing fee. (Total charge: $416 per individual for tours 10 days or less / $832 per individual for tours 11 days or more) Final invoices can then be prepared in the currency of your choosing.
  • Failure to pay may result in cancellation of your reservation, which may result in cancellation fees. We reserve the right to apply any outstanding balance to your credit card.
  • All account information will be provided on request.
  • Please Note: Include sender identification in all transactions.

Deposits will be applied to the total balance of your tour at that day’s exchange rate (plus a 1.5 cent transaction cost) in the base currency of your tour.

Final Invoices

  • 100 days before your tour date, a final invoice will be prepared. You may request your final invoice sooner if you wish to make an earlier payment.
  • Final payment is due by 90 days prior to your tour date.
  • Any cost in USD of Canadian dollars will be based on the secured exchange rate plus a 1.5 cent transaction cost. If requesting your final invoice be prepared earlier, be aware that once Euros are purchased, the exchange rate is set. The price will remain fixed regardless of changes in exchange rates.