Travel agents loves working with travel agents and helping you look like a hero!

We’re bike tours experts and share that expertise with you. We represent more than 70 local overseas bike tour companies with over 170 tours in 30+ countries and each year send more than 3,000 clients on cycling tours in Europe.

We save your clients money! Most of our prices are dramatically lower than you’d find elsewhere–about a third of them less than $1,000. Local overseas bike tour companies tend to keep their prices low, and we offer nearly all tours at the same pricing you’d find booking directly.

There are three primary ways we work with travel agents:

Service fees

Since most of our tour prices are quite low–-and the commissions we receive from the local overseas bike tour operators are often low as well–we are not able to offer commissions to travel agents. In most cases, however, we can offer a small finder’s fee, depending on the commission we receive from the tour you book. We also suggest you add an agency fee. Even with an agency service fee, the client usually ends up paying less than they’d pay elsewhere. And, of course, we can provide expertise to help you advise your clients.

Custom tours

With custom tours, we can offer you net pricing, and you let us know how much commission to add. The net price plus your commission is the gross price we’ll charge your client. Given our local overseas contacts, even with your commission added, the clients are still getting a very competitive price. With our extensive bike tour experience, we’re pretty good at developing tours that match client needs. We can work either directly with the client or through you. (A tour is deemed “custom” when major changes have been made to the itinerary. Simply adding extra nights does not make a tour custom.)

Large groups

If you have a large group, we are often able to offer commissions. Our ability to do this depends on the size of the group and the commission we receive for the tour. Because of our relationship with the overseas operators, we’re usually able to have them block space on option rather than make an upfront commitment, and, again, the pricing is quite competitive. Depending on your preference, the clients can book directly with us or through you.

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