Monet's Gardens & Giverny Private Paris E-Bike Tour

    Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours

    Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours

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    • Pedal through an impressionist’s paradise

      Follow in the footsteps of the Father of Impressionism on the Monet's Gardens & Giverny Private Paris E-Bike Tour. Cycle through the village and countryside that inspired the impressionist painter and walk in the gardens that he declared his 'greatest masterpiece' on this guided tour.

      This day tour begins in Paris, and includes e-bike rental and return train tickets from Paris to Vernon. After boarding the comfortable train in Paris and heading away from the city, notice how the countryside through your window becomes denser and thrums with wildlife. By the time you alight at Vernon, you'll be in some of the region's most picturesque landscapes.

      Cycling along country paths towards the village of Giverny, you'll pass verdant hedgerows as the smell of sun-baked earth rises to meet you. You'll stop at the most scenic spot en route for a picnic lunch. If you take this tour on a Saturday, you'll also have the opportunity to purchase your picnic lunch from a local, outdoor market.

      Once you arrive at the village of Giverny, where Claude Monet lived from 1883 until his death in 1926, you'll receive tickets that allow you to skip the queues and enter straight into the artist's house and gardens. You'll explore Clos Normand, Monet's flower garden, and the famous Japanese-inspired lily pond, which served as a muse for some of his most famous works. As you stand upon Monet's iconic bridge over the ponds, you'll experience the vitality and sensuality of the scene that obsessed Monet, and which he painted repeatedly until the end of his career.

      Take a tour of Monet's stone house, each room preserved as it was decorated and arranged during his lifetime. From the sunshine yellow dining room to the ripe green shutters that open onto views of the gardens, each room feels like an intimate insight into the life of the great artist.

      Leaving the house and gardens, you'll ride through the village of Giverny. Cruise through the winding streets as your guide leads you to stops at artists' studios, quaint cafes, the famous hotel Baudy where Monet often dined, and the cemetery where he is buried. This e-bike tour is an immersive insight into the life of one of France's greatest artists, and memories of your time spent in the living ‘masterpiece' of his gardens will linger long after your bicycle tour is finished.

      • Lily pond at Monet's garden, giverny, France. Baptiste Riffard@unsplash
      • View from the inside, Claude Monet's House, Giverny, France. Fabio Tura@unsplash
      • Pont Clemenceau, Bridge connecting Vernon to Giverny, Giverny, France. Elliott Brown@wikimedia commons
      • Garden in focus, Monet's Gardens, Giverny, France. Baptiste Riffard@unsplash

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      Daily 10:00 am

      Private day tour with a flexible departure time, booked upon request.


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      Adult €399

      Minimum of 2 participants required to start this tour. The price per person for a group of 2 people or more is different and quoted upon request.


      Monet’s Gardens, Lily pond, House, Giverny village, Return train from Paris to Vernon

      Meeting place & directions

      Café Au Départ Gare St-Lazare – 1 Rue du Rocher, 75008 Paris, France

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