Welcome to the new BikeTours.com

We got a facelift! Here are the high points of what’s changed — and what hasn’t.

Why the new name and look?

We’ve been constantly evolving since BikeToursDirect was started in 2003. Our sole focus back then was on low-cost bicycle tours in Europe. But since then we’ve expanded to give you options across a broad spectrum of budgets, levels of difficulty, and destinations worldwide. Our revamped identity reflects those changes and our mission to spread the joy of bike touring in new and continually evolving ways. 

What does it mean for me?

It means a more attractive website with expanded content — more helpful tips and resources, plus stories and images to fuel your wanderlust. (See “what’s new” below for details.)

Equally important is what hasn’t changed. We’re the same company you’ve come to know, with the same level of service you’ve come to expect from BikeToursDirect. The same team that’s spent 13 years helping more than 20,000 travelers explore the world on two wheels. We haven’t sold or merged, and our founder is at the helm. Existing bookings will proceed as they always have — you’ll just have a different phone greeting from our tour advisors if you call!

Who is BikeTours.com?

It’s more than a website. We’re a team of people passionate about travel and cycling. You’ll be seeing and hearing more from each of us as individuals (rather than collectively as “the company”) — we hope our stories and tips will inspire you to enjoy bike travel as much as we do!

Our client service staff were formerly known as “tour specialists.” They now have a new title: “tour advisors.” That’s because their expertise goes well beyond tours and focuses on advising you to find the tour that’s right for you.

What’s new?

Beyond the new name, logo, and website facelift, we’ve been working hard to bring you some great new features!

  • Ratings and reviews - Don’t just take our word for it: use other travelers’ experiences to find your perfect tour. Been on a tour already? Share your thoughts to help others considering that tour! Just go to the tour page to rate and review (and even share photos or video!).
  • Tour Q&A - Ask - or answer - questions on any tour page! You’re probably not the first or last person to have any given question about our trips. Post your question on the tour page to get responses from our tour advisors and other travelers!
  • Revamped blog - Besides being plain old more attractive, it’s easier to search and locate posts on topics you care about. Expect more frequent posts from our staff, our operator partners, and your fellow travelers.
  • Mobile friendly - You can now navigate the site and blog easily on your smartphone or tablet — no more zooming and awkward scrolling!
  • Inspiring stories - See, hear, and read bike travel stories. Collections of articles, blogs, photos, and videos will fuel your wanderlust on the days you can’t get out to ride!
  • More resources and reading - We’ve added loads of new pages to the site to give you more information about popular trip types and our destinations. For newcomers to the world of bike touring, there’s now a section devoted to the spectrum of bicycle touring to help you choose the style that suits you, plus resources for self-contained touring. 

Why the “dot-com” in our name?

Using our website domain as our company name reflects how central the site is to the service we provide — helping connect travelers and tour providers from all corners of the globe. But we don’t want the dot-com to overshadow the heart of our business: our people — your advisors!

So please don’t forget the dot-com! We’re not simply “Bike Tours.”

We are BikeTours.com.