Traditional architechtural design in Ninh Binh, Vietnam. Jonathan Ouimet@Unsplash

Ninh Binh

City of Karsts

Ninh Binh bike tours

Ninh Binh, capital of the enchanting Ninh Binh province, is a small but exceptionally special city in Northern Vietnam’s Red River Delta. Nicknamed the ‘Halong Bay on Land’ owing to its incredible limestone karsts that evoke the sensational structures on Halong Bay, Ninh Binh is graced with karsts in its immediate surroundings, making the city the ultimate blend of natural beauty and urban intrigue. Famed for its favorable subtropical climate, Ninh Binh offers visitors exceptional sightseeing opportunities in sublime conditions.

A bicycle tour in Ninh Binh is the ultimate way to experience this entrancing city and its exceptional surroundings. Ride out to the exquisite Van Lam Embroidery Village, displaying the works of sensational local craftspeople who have carried on a tradition of intricate weaving and embroidery since the rule of the Tran Dynasty. Weave an e-bike like a needle and thread through this fascinating area, where traditions are cultivated in the shadows of the towering limestone karsts.

Bike to the breathtaking Bich Dong Cave, famous for its mysterious pagoda rising against a majestic, emerald-colored mountain. The continuation of the pagoda architecture inside the Bich Dong cave makes it an exceptional and unique tourist attraction, one of the greatest spots of natural beauty in the northern provinces.

A guided day tour will also take you to the Thai Vi Temple, a richly historical religious complex dating back to the 13th century and set against a breathtaking backdrop of glowing green mountains, resplendent rice paddies, and stunning lakes. Within the city also nestles the Hoa Lu Temple, the ancient capital of Vietnam, promising to reveal the intriguing history of this small city with an admirable presence.

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