Ethnic Histories New York Bike Tour

    Rider Level: Leisure

    Rider Level: Leisure

    7 hours
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    New York City, NY

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    • Discover captivating cultures and heartening histories

      Discover the day tour that delves into the history of immigration and ethnicity in one of the US’ most diverse cities. In 7 hours, this guided tour takes you on a dynamic journey of discovery through the boroughs of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens, taking in sightseeing spots of cultural significance to New York’s immigrant communities. Ride from the Hassidic Jewish Neighborhoods to the Lower East Side via Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Queensboro Bridge, and Gantry Plaza State Park, stopping for an authentic taste adventure at a local Polish restaurant. With the added flexibility of bike rental, the Ethnic Histories New York Bike Tour presents the ideal opportunity to unlock the true tale of the traditions, tribulations, and tenacity of the NYC’s most resilient communities.

      Your bicycle tour begins in Queens, one of the world’s most linguistically diverse neighborhoods, and one of the most ethnically diverse counties in the USA - around 47% of residents here are foreign-born. You’ll meander through the manicured gardens of the Gantry Plaza State Park, boasting four piers with exemplary views of the Empire State Building, United Nations, and the iconic Queensboro Bridge. Gantry is where locals go to catch incredible concerts, stroll between mist fountains to enjoy a spot of fishing, or compete on the basketball courts against one of the world’s most iconic backdrops. This is a historical bike tour highlighting the resilience and resources that established this exceptional city, so your guide will draw your attention to the restored gantries and regale you with tales of their use in New York’s commerce during the early 1900s.

      Your brilliant bicycle tour continues into Brooklyn, where your tour takes the lid off the legacy of Williamsburg, defined by a centuries-old culture that survives with great strength to this day. Williamsburg’s orthodox Jewish community has carved out its place in this diverse borough, assimilating to the New York way of life but on its own terms. In doing so, the orthodox Jewish community of New York has written one of the city’s most tenacious historical storylines. On a Friday afternoon, the streets of Brooklyn bustle with preparations for the Sabbath.

      You’ll glide through the historic hubbub as your guide leads you to Greenpoint, a pioneering Polish community holding steadfastly to its native culture. You’ll bike past enticing Polish eateries through a sound bath of Slavic conversations, pausing for an authentic Polish lunch (price not included) to allow you the chance to sit down and soak up the atmosphere of gregarious Greenpoint. Afterwards, your guide will lead you on to a discovery of the immigrant communities of the Lower East Side of Manhattan, a melting pot of European, Latin American and Chinese cultures that has created one of New York’s most vibrant communities.

      Your historical day tour reaches a fitting finale at the United Nations, where you can park up your bicycle one last time and look back on a bike tour that’s introduced you insightfully to some of the most determined and diverse communities in America.

      • The Unisphere in Corona Park, Queens, New York. Juan Karmy@Unsplash
      • Recreation time at the park, Queensboro Bridge, New York, New York. Wilmer Olano@Unsplash
      • Cyclists passing the Willamsburg Bridge, Willamsburg, New York. Johny Vino@Unsplash
      • Long Island sign at Gantry Plaza State Park, New York, New York. Hanyang Zhang@Unsplash

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      Friday 10:00 am ~5:00 pm


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      Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Hassidic Jewish Neighborhood, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Queensboro Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge, Gantry Plaza State Park, Lower East Side, Polish restaurant

      What’s included

      • Bike and helmet rental
      • English-speaking guide
      • Basket/bike bag
      • City map

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      Unlimited Biking Central Park - 56 West 56th Street New York NY 10019 (Between 5th and 6th avenue)

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