Classic Munster Bike Tour

    • 2 hours | 6.21 miles
    • From €17 EUR
    • Munster
    Rider Level: Leisure Client favorites

    Rider Level: Leisure Client favorites

    2 hours | 6.21 miles
    From €17 EUR

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    • Make the most of majestic Münster

      Make the most of Münster on the Classic Münster Bike Tour! In just 2 hours, this guided day tour takes in the classic sightseeing locations of this splendid city, including the Prinzipalmarkt, City Hall, Münster Cathedral, Lake Aasee, the promenade, and the Anabaptists cages. Get to know the staggering city center, gain key insights from your guide, and make everlasting memories in enchanting Münster!

      Pushing off in Prinzipalmarkt, discover a stylish series of historic buildings connected by elegant pediments, nestling boutique cafes and shops and forming a magnificent marketplace. Cycle around the corner to the Historical City Hall of Münster and park your bicycle in the shadow of its sensational facade. This breathtakingly beautiful building is the second key landmark of Münster after the cathedral and was a key site of negotiations for the Peace of Westphalia treaty which ended the Thirty Years’ War in Western Europe. Your day tour moves on to the star of Münster’s skyline - Münster Cathedral, also known as St.-Paulus-Dom. This resplendent Romanesque and Gothic structure is a standout sightseeing spot - remark at the two staggering Romanesque towers, and wonder at the exquisite walls.

      Your guide leads you on to the magnificent Lake Aasee. Ride along picturesque paths under the shelter of burgeoning branches, with beautiful views out over the tranquil waters of this artificial lake. With gorgeous green spaces surrounding it, Aasee is a favorite recreation spot for locals who love to sail on the lake’s placid waters, sunbathe on its peaceful shoreline, or take a stroll through the trees. Pedal along the promenade, a natural corridor of linden trees that lend their shelter to cyclists.

      Your bicycle tour reaches its climax at the Anabaptists Cages, suspended from the spire of St. Lambert’s Church. Within these woeful wire cages, the mutilated bodies of Jan Bockelson and two other Anabaptist leaders were put on display, gazed upon by the Münster population whom this sect controlled for nearly a year and a half. Their lives had been terrorized by Bockelson and his associates, who made idle conversation, slander and blasphemy capital offenses punishable by beheading. These cages, first hung in 1536, provide a truly chilling sight that’ll send a shiver up your spine.

      Optional stop at cozy pub or beer garden.

      • Munster, city centre, captured through leaves. Yves Cedric Schulze@Unsplash
      • City Hall, Rathaus, Munster. Yves Cedric Schulze@Unsplash
      • Prince Bishop’s Castle Münster, Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Dietmar Rabich@Wikimedia Commons
      • St Paul’s Cathedral in Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Dietmar Rabich@Wikimedia Commons

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      Days Start Finish
      Saturday 2:00 pm ~4:00 pm

      Tour can be booked daily upon request, as a group tour, for up to 10 people.


      Rate EUR
      Adult €17
      Group (2 hours) €150
      Group (3 hours) €195
      Group (4 hours) €235

      Group rates are per group of up to 10 people.


      Prinzipalmarkt, City Hall, Münster Cathedral, Lake Aasee, Promenade, Anabaptists Cages

      What’s included

      • Bike rental
      • English-speaking guide

      Meeting place & directions

      Picassoplatz, Koenigsstr. 1, 48143 Münster

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