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Bicycle tours aren’t just for touring bikes anymore. Local operators around the world are exploring the best off-road trails in their backyards and are sharing the beauty, thrills and adventures with the rest of us.

From the silent and stormy trails of Scotland to the awe-inspiring Mont Blanc range, we offer a broad range of mountain bike tours for our most intrepid of travelers.


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Suggested tours

South Dalmatia (Mountain bike and boat) - Croatia: A 7-night guided mountain bike exploration of the Dalmatian islands in Croatia where you’ll get the best of both worlds: beautiful trails and tranquil swim breaks. Mountain bike by day, and sleep on a boat by night.

Cairngorms Adventure: Mountain bike in Cairngorms National Park: The Cairngorms National Park boasts everything you could want from a mountain biking holiday in Scotland. Rolling, heather-clad hills; ancient glens; secluded lochs; abundant wildlife; great local food and drink; and fantastic mountain biking trails.

Tour of Mont Blanc: "High Mountain" Biking in the Alps: Seven valleys, 71 glaciers, 400 summits: the Mont Blanc range is inspiring. The trail brings us through alpine flower covered pastures, passes glacial lakes, skims below glaciers and snowy summits, crosses deep valleys and climbs high altitude passes. Riding around Mont Blanc is about discovering the magic world of "high mountain" biking.


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  • MTB the world’s oldest and most storied paths
    These routes feature some of the best mountain biking in the world, on paths that have proven the test of time century after century. From the herding tracks in the Scottish highlands to the trade routes in Nepal and the sturdy foot paths of the ancient Incas in Peru, these paths will inspire and root you to the world of adventure and exploration.

Friendly advice

It's especially important with mountain bike tours to find one that's right for your own ability, skill, and experience level. Just like on close-to-home trails, poor research can make your MTB vacation frustrating at best and dangerous at worst. That's why we have Richie! Our resident mountain biker on the tour advisor team will help you vet the options. Contact Richie Daigle: or 1-877-462-2423.

We're proud to support the International Mountain Bicycling Association as a Destination Partner. 

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