Best of Miami Beach E-Bike Tour

    Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours Primarily bike paths

    Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours Primarily bike paths

    2 hours
    From $63.13 USD
    Miami, FL

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    • Explore Miami's ocean paradise by e-bike

      This guided e-bike day tour is your perfect opportunity to cruise Miami’s coastline on two wheels, with the added benefit of bike rental.

      Discover a beachside paradise as you glide down Ocean Drive, following the line of South Beach’s exquisite white sands. En route to Casa Casuarine (the Versace Mansion), you’ll be dazzled by glistening white villas whilst iconic palm trees sway over the cycle path. Reaching the Mediterranean front of Number 1116, you’ll see how fashion giant Gianni Versace epitomized the luxury of this slice of paradise. Riding on, discover the blooming pastel palette of Miami’s art deco buildings dating back to the 1930s.

      Your bicycle tour takes you to Espanola Way where stunning, palm-shaded cafes bring the zest of the Mediterranean to Miami. Glide by quirky galleries and boutique shops on this historic street, alive under its twinkling lights. A moment of reflection as you park your bike at the Holocaust Memorial, commissioned by survivors in 1984 and depicting a huge hand outstretched towards the sky.

      Your final stop is the Miami Botanical Garden, exquisitely exotic and a riot of color any time of the year. Weave your bicycle through the towering fronds, glide under natural arches, and drink in the tranquility of the ornamental water features.

      Discover a slice of ocean paradise on this leisurely e-bike tour, showing you the best of Miami Beach.

      • Art Deco building, Miami. Unsplash:Jason Briscoe
      • Palm trees, Miami. Unsplash:Kian Lem
      • Orange car and cafes, Miami. Unsplash:Hector Falcon

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      Days Start Finish
      Daily 10:00 am ~12:00 pm


      Rate USD
      Adult · Ages 13+, If Ebikes (16+ ONLY) $63.13


      What’s included

      Licensed tour guide, eBike rental, helmet, basket/bike bag

      Meeting place & directions

      850 Washington Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33139

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