Materuni Waterfalls Kilimanjaro MTB Tour

    Rider Level: Recreational

    Rider Level: Recreational

    8 hours | 19 miles
    From $99 USD

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    • Bike to the brink

      Bike to the mesmerizing Materuni Waterfalls on a mountain bike tour of unimaginable beauty! Along the ride from Moshi to Materuni Village, you’ll witness natural wonders and pedal through a memorable patchwork of coffee, banana, and corn plantations. Take a break to enjoy a captivating cultural experience with the Chagga people, learning all about the coffee making process, before spending the afternoon in the midst of the magical Materuni Waterfalls.

      Your day tour kicks off in the vibrant city of Moshi with a ride through its remarkable streets, earning a real appreciation for the character of the city in Kilimanjaro’s shadow. Soon, the tarmac turns to dirt roads as you venture off the beaten track towards Materuni Village. You’ll be greeted en route by the welcoming Chagga community as you cycle past children heading to school, people at work in the banana, coffee and corn plantations, and villagers preparing food much like the local delicacies you’ll have the opportunity to taste!

      Your guided tour will take a break to enjoy a coffee making tour, included in the price, providing you with a real insight into the brewing process, from bean to cup. Soak up the incredibly welcoming atmosphere of Materuni Village as you pause your ride for a rest and to sample scrumptious local foods.

      From the village, you’ll walk the final kilometer to the monumental waters of Materuni’s falls. There are few words to do justice to the majesty of this sight. Clear waters crash elegantly from the crest of the waterfall, sprinkling the lush foliage of Kilimanjaro’s slopes with a gentle mist. You’ll have the afternoon to absorb the full beauty of this breathtaking natural wonder, enjoying a refreshing plunge into the enchanting pools, or simply a scenic, spiritually rejuvenating rest. As the day draws to a tranquil close, you’ll collect your bicycle and enjoy a relaxing ride back to Moshi.

      • Materuni Waterfalls Mark Eli@Unsplash
      • View of Mt Kilimanjaro from the City of Moshi, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Nichika Yoshida@Unsplash
      • City of Moshi seen from a rooftop, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Stig Nygaard@Wikimedia Commons
      • Coffee Making in Tanzania. Zenith4237@Wikimedia Commons

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      Days Start Finish
      Daily 8:00 am ~4:00 pm


      Rate USD
      Adult $99
      Child $70



      Moshi, Coffee making tour, Materuni Village, Materuni Waterfalls

      What’s included

      • Bike and helmet renta
      • English-speaking guide
      • Meals
      • Bottled water

      Meeting place & directions

      One Bike Shop - Mailimoja Rd, Tanzania

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