Chemka Hot Springs MTB Tour Kilimanjaro

    Rider Level: Recreational

    Rider Level: Recreational

    6 hours | 37 miles
    From $99 USD

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    • Immerse yourself in an unmissable experience

      For a true Tanzanian adventure, look no further than the Chemka Hot Springs MTB Tour Kilimanjaro, a culturally immersive day tour with discovery at its heart. Glide through sugarcane fields, savor cool drinks at local cafes, and finish with a truly unforgettable afternoon of swimming and wildlife watching at the Chemka Hot Springs. You’ll treasure these memories of Tanzania for life!

      Your atmospheric adventure begins in Moshi, where you’ll have the option to try a local tea and chapati at a coffee house before the tour kicks off. You’ll soon get to know your welcoming guide and their love for the local area as you begin the downhill ride out of the city. Once past the police checkpoint (a standard point on all main roads in Tanzania), you’ll emerge into the awe-inspiring countryside where sugarcane fields sway imperceptibly in the sunshine.

      You’ll sense the pace of life beginning to change as you share the road with the semi-nomadic herdsmen leading their cattle, sheep, and goats to graze in the fields. Locals will greet you as you glide past, and everywhere you look your eyes will be enchanted by spectacular scenery - not least the view of Mount Kilimanjaro looming over the landscape. Bike past breathtaking baobab trees and towering termite mounds as you cross a beautiful blue river and make towards the oasis of trees ahead. You’ll stop at a lovely local cafe for lunch and a refreshing drink.

      As you enter the enchanting forest, your day tour will reach its destination - the tranquil, oscillating surface of the Chemka Hot Springs. Vibrant waters reflect the light from submerged volcanic rocks, bubbling blissfully up to the surface, where Vervet Monkeys can often be seen sipping from the spring, if they’re not swinging through the canopy overhead! You can imitate their lively behavior on the rope swing, or rent an inflatable to watch their antics as you float serenely across the surface. Bring your swim goggles if you’d like to explore the incredible beauty underwater, or sit in the sun-dappled shadows as small fish tickle your feet.

      As the day draws to a tranquil close and the springs have left their indelible impression on your group, you’ll gather your bicycles and enjoy a relaxing ride back to Moshi, carrying memories to last a lifetime.

      • Beutiful blue waters of the Chemka Hot Springs, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Nichika Yoshida@Unsplash
      • Banana shoot in the middle of the plantation, Sugarcane Plantation, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Ema Studios@Unsplash
      • Palm trees surrounding the beautiful spring, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Daniel Msirikale@Wikimedia Commons
      • Road to Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Antony Trivet@WIkimedia Commons

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      Days Start Finish
      Daily 8:00 am ~2:00 pm


      Rate USD
      Adult $99
      Child $70



      Moshi, Sugarcane fields, Chemka Hot Springs

      What’s included

      • Bike and helmet rental
      • English-speaking guide
      • Meals
      • Bottle of water

      Meeting place & directions

      One Bike Shop - Mailimoja Rd, Tanzania (Transfers from your hotel/lodge can be arranged at an additional cost)

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