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Jim and Joby Patterson said:

We’ve recently returned from a Bike Tours Direct ride from the Dolomites to Trieste run by Fun Active Tours/Italy Bike and it was wonderful! The routes were well-marked and we couldn’t have found some of them without the local knowledge of the organizers. The bike paths along the Drau and Gail Rivers in Austria were pleasant and relaxing. We biked through Italy-Austria-Slovenia and back to Italy. All the hotels except the last were excellent, and it was OK. We were on a self-guided ride and saw few Americans. We’ll use this company again. said:

Glad you enjoyed your trip, Jim and Joby! We place a lot of faith in the local knowledge of our operator partners and know it provides a unique perspective for our clients.

For anybody else interested in this tour, here’s a shortcut:

Caroline Warburton said:

Great post, Richie. Looking forward to hearing about your Scotland adventure.

Enjoy the great biking in the Cairngorms and Torridon with Euan from H&I Adventures.

And a safe trip back to the US.

B Choi said:

What a beautiful and earnest piece of writing on Korea…The writer must have a heart and eyes coped with curiosity that will allow him to experience a wider horizon of cultures and life.

B Choi said:

Very interesting and well written story on Jim Johnson and his BTD! And what a surprise to read about David Lamb! Some 25 years ago, while traveling in Africa, I was reading his book and still remember some parts of the book.

Debi Richards said:

We took our first bike tour with BTD last fall. We did the Danube bike/boat tour and it was one of the most relaxing and enjoyable trips we have ever done. We plan to do more trips and take friends along. Thanks to BTD for doing a thorough job with reservations, information, etc.

Jill Flowers said:

I toured Tuscany & Umbria in 2005 with Jim Johnson & Bike Tours Direct. It was and still is the best vacation I ever had! I had become used to having to plan all family vacations, but on this tour, the only decision I had to make each day was what flavor gelato I wanted. Our every need was anticipated and accommodated. It was pure bliss.

God Bless you, Jim. Mazel tov!

Nancy said:

We took a tour with Seamus last summer, and loved it! He did a special tour for us, so we could see a few spots not on his well established tours. He went out of his way to make sure the accommodations and routes would work for us. It truly was a trip of a life time. Even the hills weren’t so bad, steep, but usually not too long! (But then we live in the rainy Pacific Northwest of the US, with lots of rain and hills.)
Ireland by Bike is wonderful for anyone who is interested in the land and history of Ireland. Well worth the cost!

Martin Helgerson said:

Looking for a guided tour in Ireland in Sept 2014. Do you have anything? Thank you.

Ed Lancaster said:

The last two summers we biked The Erie Canal (Buffalo to Albany)and the The Great Allegheny Passage / C and O Canal Towpath (Pittsburgh to Washington) bike paths respectively. These are two great adventures. You should look in to offering these as packaged trips. Hope to book a trip to Spain in September.
Keep up the good work, keep the prices low.

Many thanks
Ed Lancaster.

Cheryl and Paul said:

Thanks ever so much for picking this up. And thanks again for a wonderful trip. Reading this again brings back super memories. Till next time!


tracie sanchez said:

You have just shown me my dream trip. thanks for letting me know exactly where to go to arrange it. Love this one Jim, truly!

John Ryan said:

I was on same trip Summer 2014 on the Harmonia. It was top class.

Veronica said:

Sounds amazing. All the trip members are really lucky. I always want to go on a trip like this. The bike tours add extra enjoyment and chances to explore more in the trip. Loved it!!

UK Cycle Holidays said:

Very interesting article, with useful information. I personally prefer self-guided bike tours, as they give you more freedom and they are more exciting to me.

Susie Phillips said:

Liv, fantastic blog. You are great writer. Keep up the good work. And don’t stop traveling. Remember you are welcomed to visit us in Trinidad any time. The Massy Rainbow Cup is next year June.

teresa said:

This story is simply delicious!! Big smile in my face! I am not 23 anymore, but have the feeling of “been there” when I read this! Everytrip I guide I get it. THe first panicking moment, when the clients get out of the bus transfer, and the relief soon after when we find out they are just as you describe them! Congratulations on your hearthy writting!

Karen said:

Loved reading this. I can totally relate to everything through several cycling trips. Those friendships formed bring so much depth to the experience. The world gets smaller and the treasures abound!

Gino Capogna said:

I am a bike tourist and a cyclist.

would you tell me more about the Everglades by bike.

I am a solo rider willing to ride with others if that what it takes.

By the way, is Bob still active?

Gino said:

Hi Gino, Check out my other recent post on a few different ways to explore the Everglades by bike. There’s info on doing a solo day ride in Shark Valley (near Miami), as well as suggested tours (including a group guided trip you can book through us, from the Everglades through the Keys, plus a group self-contained tour with a similar route run by our friends at Adventure Cycling Association). Another post, Two approaches to the Florida Keys by bike, compares the style of the latter two tours.

I hope these posts may give you some guidance on finding a trip that’s right for you in South Florida! I adore the area and have dreams of riding A1A from Miami to Key West one day myself!

Happy pedaling,
(VP of

Jim Vicenzi said:

what’s an average day like, mileage-wise? The group pace is about what MPH assuming few hills (obviously much slower in the mountains.)

Carole Chesham said:

I would love to do this trip but this year my plate is full. I sure would consider it for next year (in the summer) if it is offered again. Please keep me informed. Thank you, Carole Chesham said:

Thanks for keeping us on our toes, Robert. It just looked so good with that cheese that we couldn’t help ourselves. ๐Ÿ™‚

Karen Dodd said:

I have a few questions and have left 3 messages on your phone and have never received a reply. How can I speak to someone?

Mark Scarton said:

My wife and I have done the Austrian tour (Salzburg-Vienna) and Denmark tour. BikeTours is now a permanent part of our yearly vacation planning.

One thing that we could really use is a GPS tracker for every tour. Minor issues have put us off ofnthe documented path both times. I was able to use Google Maps to get back on track eventually. But I ran up a $1,000 roaming charge in Denmark, more than the cost of the tour itself.

A complete GPS track that I could use with my iPhone would be ideal. And it would leave me with more funds available for ym next tour. ๐Ÿ™‚

Drift said:

It’s always a fun to get a ride into the wilderness and cycling in National Park is the best experience.
There are lots of National park like Grand Canyon where you could enjoy your riding experience.

Thanks for this post.

Kathryn Lewis said:

Our group is about 80% ready to book for June 6 2017. Where is the best place to fly into?

Like the Bike said:

I’m the explorer! Yay! ๐Ÿ™‚

Jennifer said:

Lindsey do you still travel with the little guy? Our kid is 4 and loves his strider (just getting in to the peddle bike) so ideally would have one of those clip on bikes and a chariot but I can’t see bringing both. Just curious what you did at that age.

Margaux Ford said:

Thanks for the tip on how boat tours can be fun and exciting for groups because it will allow us to see more of parts of the islands than we would be able to without the boat. My friends and I are planning on doing a unique and fun getaway next month. Boat tour sounds like an awesome idea. I’ll be sharing this article with my friends, so we can plan on activities to do on our island getaway. Thanks for the advice!

David said:

This is probably the best, most concise step by step guide I’ve ever seen.

Trailsnet said:

You have some great bike touring lists. I’ve noticed that one group of bicyclists that most bike touring companies forget about is the ever-growing group of people who, for various reasons, enjoy touring mostly on bike trails (paths, greenways, etc.) We’d love to see some bike tour lists that include rides that are mostly on bike paths. For example, any bike & boat tour on the Moselle or Danube would have an option for bicycling mostly on bike paths since those two rivers have great bike paths along a majority of their route.
Keep up the great work!!

oletri said:

need dates for your 2019 tours as I plan my year in advance

Diana said:

That is going to be very much exciting having some of the perfect time at this like after the bus tour from washington dc.

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