What to bring

By now, you’ve probably booked your tour (or are very close!) and are excited and anxious for your upcoming adventure. Now it’s time to prepare! But where should you start? We’ve organized trip preparation into several helpful pages for you. See below for a breakdown on some great information and tips on how to get you prepared for your upcoming tour:

Packing Tips

First and most important rule: PACK LIGHT. Read more.


You have several options when it comes to money during your trip. Every destination wants you to spend your money there, but they all have different norms and infrastructure for accessing and using it. Be sure to research your specific destination, but here are a few reminders and guidelines: Read more.


An international cell phone can be extremely helpful, especially if you’re on a self-guided tour and need to reach the tour operator between towns. It’s also great for peace of mind so that family can reach you in case of emergency. Or just call (or send a text, photo, or video!) to friends back home to remind them that you’re on an overseas bike tour and they’re not! Read more.

Books & Maps

If you’re like most travelers, the building anticipation of your bicycle tour is half the fun, and you may enjoy doing some research and getting additional materials in advance of your tour. Read more.

Packing for a bike tour
Packing tips for your bicycle tour - ways to keep it to a carry-on, plus suggested packing list and more.

Weigh your options for money on your international bicycle tour. Learn more and get tips about using cash, credit and debit cards, travelers checks, etc.

Find out how to communicate during your international bicycle tour. Tips on using cell phones, data plans, SIM cards, and Skype.