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Peaceful and Prepossessing

Hue bike tours

The city of Hue offers an enchanting, peaceful experience of Vietnam, an altogether different sightseeing adventure providing phenomenal moments to treasure.

The ancient capital of Vietnam during the Nguyen Dynasty from 1802–1945, Hue was the old Imperial City and is now the capital of Thua Thien Hue province in Northern Central Vietnam. Hue is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Hue Monuments Complex and houses the Forbidden Purple City, as well as the Imperial City within impressive stone walls.

Rising from the banks of the Perfume River, Hue is set against the backdrop of the distant Ngu Binh Mountain and Vong Canh Hill, and graced by the Bo, Perfume, and Huong rivers which weave their way gently through the city’s blissful surroundings.

A bicycle tour of Hue is a once-in-a-lifetime excursion, with e-bikes and bike rental available. Your guide will introduce you to this glorious city, with its rich cultural, culinary, and architectural heritage, enabling you to unlock the essence of the area and bring home memories of Hue that will accompany you forever.

Let yourself be inspired by the legacy of the Nguyen Dynasty, whose emperors are enshrined in picturesque pagodas and ornate temples, including Thieu Tri Tomb. Discover the role of military elephants and the tigers who trained them for combat at the Ho Quyen Tiger Fighting Arena and Long Chau Temple. For an enlightening experience, embark to the Temple of Literature, dedicated to Confucius. Hue is well known as a city of intense culinary delights, and a guided bike tour can take you on a full-flavored adventure through Dong Ba Market to an unforgettable Banh Uot workshop in the idyllic Lua Bao Village.

For a deeply fascinating adventure in a city that runs at a slower pace than Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, a bike tour in Hue has you well covered.

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