Justin Allen

Tour advisor

Justin loves the excitement of discovery. Trying new things and going to new places have gifted him with his most rewarding and memorable experiences. Whether it’s seeing Van Gogh’s Almond Blossom firsthand or hiking through the hardy balsam firs and fragrant wild roses of northern Quebec, he seeks opportunities to be surprised and inspired. And it’s his pleasure to help our clients find their next adventure.

Favorite travel moment

While in Hungary one summer, the group I was traveling with was invited to a local family's house for lunch. We were served cheese pastries, which we ate beneath the family's cherry trees. We sat there, snacking, joking, laughing and plucking cherries from the branches above us - all while they prepared Hungarian goulash in a large pot over an outdoor fire. We feasted and enjoyed the gracious hospitality of our new friends.

Countries I’ve visited

The Netherlands, France, Scotland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, and Canada.

Best lesson I’ve learned from traveling

Be open to new experiences. Make choices that put you in a position to be surprised. Sometimes that choice is as simple as going to a museum and other times it's eating a gross pickled herring. Nearly every joyful travel moment I've experienced has come from unexpected surprises, and nearly every frustration has come from unmet expectations.